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Rather than write another lengthy post, I thought it might be prudent to provide members with important links that reveal WHO all the puppet masters are, WHAT they are doing, and WHY they are doing it. These links you can use to substantiate your own posts and further your own understandings of Obama & Company.

Club of Rome (Alexander King, Maurice Strong, David Rockefeller, Al Gore, Mikhail Gorbachev, Ted Turner, George Soros, etc)

Club of Budapest

Club of Madrid



National Associations

Earth Council (founded by Maurice Strong, author of Earth Charter Initiative)

European Council on Foreign Relations (George Soros, Diego Hidalgo, Mikhail Gorbachev)

World Wisdom Council (Ervin Laszlo – founding member of the CoR, founder and President of the Club of Budapest)

World Future Council

Champion of the Earth

UN University of Peace (Robert Muller – former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, member CoR)

Global Commons (human overpopulation and eugenics)

United Nations Foundation (Timothy Wirth, CoR executive member)

Foundation for Conscious Evolution

The Yale Center for the Study of Globalization

Global Marshall Plan

Global Ethic Foundation

World Wildlife Fund

Green Belt Movement

World Wisdom Council

World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality (composed mostly of CoR members including Gore and Gorbachev)

United Nations Foundation (created by prominent CoR member Ted Turner)

Global Security Institute

Global Leadership for Climate Action (joint initiative of the United Nations Foundation and the Club of Madrid)

Gorbachev Foundation

Green Cross International

Global Green USA (Another Gorbachev Foundation)

United Nations University of Peace (founded by CoR members Robert Muller, Konrad Osterwalder, and Martin Lees)

Kosmos Journal

Generations Investment Fund (co-founded by Al Gore)

Chicago Climate Exchange (Maurice Strong, Al Gore, George Soros and all the usual suspects)

The Trilateral Commission (David Rockefeller, also founder of CoR)

The Council on Foreign Relations (founded by David Rockefeller)

Agenda 21 (the outcome of all these players, adopted by the United Nations, agreement signed by G.H. Bush in 1992)

Earth Charter Initiative (a curriculum for global education of our youth, signed by G.W. Bush in 2000)

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