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Listen to: Resistnet Radio: Ken Hoagland and Gary Graham

Mellie holds up the Flip This House sign!We love our Partners at Resistnet Radio. Between technological glitches related to being on the Tea Party Express III and vacationing producers, the last couple of shows have had some rough spots.

These were otherwise important and interesting shows!

Our team has cleaned up the audio and posted them at the links below.
Please note, for your convenience, the approximate times for the
various interviews are listed under the shows.

Approximated times:

March 31, 2010: Ken Hoagland Interview
01: Debra Shaw with Resistnet Updates
0:34: Darla Dawald & members of the Tea Party Express provide updates from the TPE III
0:54: Ken Hoagland Author: "The Fair Tax Solution" .

The Patriotic Resistance 3-31-10 Ken Hoagland.mp3

April 07, 2010 Gary Graham Interview

Take the Pledge to Spread Liberty!

01: Nathan Weaver Interview (Pelosi Challenger)
0:14: Grass Fire Report: Steve Elliott & Ron DeJong
0:24: Debra Shaw Updates
0:40: Dr. Robert Branch: AZ Dist 3 (John Shaddeg is retiring from this position)
1:10: Gary Graham Christian Conservative Actor

The Patriotic Resistance 4-07-10 Gary Graham.mp3

Upcoming Shows"
04.28.10 Andrew Breitbart, (Big Hollywood and Acorn Videos)
05.05.10 Mason Weaver, CA 53 Congressional Candidate
05.12.10 William Federer, Author & President of Amerisearch
05.19.10 Michael Stollaire, CA 28 Congressional Candidate
05.26.10 Collins Bailey, MD 5 Congressional Candidate
06.02.10 Mike Leahy, Fire the 219

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Comment by Fran Moghaddm on April 27, 2010 at 12:18am
Dear Pastor Charlie I am sponsor of Grass fire nation for over 29,000 filliping and steve elliot and I have recived a thanky you letter from Susan B. Anthoney and Marjorie Dannenfelser for waht I have done tor stop Aborshen as a pro-life victory which I add to my credencials at But still I have problem with the same church that my pastor past away their employees and members cotrol our Tulsa GOP and working againts me and made my supporters disable to help me or affried to spenet their money when they know the GOP againts me all my hope is Tea party, Gov. Sahra, Sean, and you it is not about me it is about ourcountry our freedom if they did not corrupted my campaigne I was in washington and was able to earn few votes from Democrats and hasel free, our vice chairman said to me on Dec. 19 that he does not care if Obma health care pass and all John sullivan and senator Inhofe's supporters voted for Obama that is why we are here today and democrats took a advantage of our week point and still doing the same, they take money from me for my boots and do not interduce me as a candidate, but grass roots helped me to have 2 minuts spech at the tax day raly and that inspired 3,ooo grass roots which I was amazed.Tulsa Beacon news paper and other aglie womans who corrupted my candidacey and still doning the same think, whe we could have fair chance and equal opportunity ? with all consevative talk shows and 9/12 and tea party we still could not have right candidates ? please view my website at www.franforfreedom,com at the end of the day what I have done for our country noboday else who have born in United state did incloding state elected officials and I am very disappointed of Dr. Ritz as well. they are all hustage with Tulsa GOP for their own benefits and supporting the wrong candidates so we go no were. and that is a big sham to republican Party.


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