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"...what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it

Anna Little is “Little Big Woman”, republican running for Congress in New Jersey. Anna is the We The People/ tea party patriot's extremely enthusiastic choice. This
amazing attorney, mayor, wife and mother of three teenagers has
captured the imagination, minds and most importantly, the hearts, of

In my travels on three national Tea Party Express bus tours and performing/speaking around the country, I have encountered many tea party patriots who are fired up and
committed to getting their conservative candidate elected. But, never
have I encounter volunteers in such great numbers (several hundreds)
and with such passion as Anna's Army.

Anna's Army has knocked on over 50,000 doors. They plan to continue their average of knocking on 8,000 doors per week until the election.

Upon request, I flew up to New Jersey from Florida to campaign for Anna via singing and speaking. Frankly, the energy, passion, commitment and large number of Anna's volunteers
blew me away.

I asked several of Anna's volunteers, “Why are you so inspired, working like crazy and putting in such long hours for this woman?”

They replied, “Anna is a true conservative. We trust Anna to keep her word and do what is best for the people. Anna has smart solutions. Anna answered my email. Anna
returned my phone call.”

After hearing Anna speak, I concurred, Anna Little truly is the “real deal”. We must do all we can to push this extremely bright, well informed, hard working, dynamic and
inspiring advocate for “the people” over the finish line. (Anna
finales every volunteer/team meeting by leading them in the singing
of God Bless America)

Anna and her army are accustomed to pulling off the impossible. In the republican primary Anna spending a mere $21,000 defeated the Republican Party backed candidate who spent
$400,000. Wow! What does that say about the power of We The People
verses The Machine?

Four gentlemen from the audience assisted me as I sang to Anna Little. Enjoy the video:

While in New Jersey, I ate breakfast in a diner. With a distinct accent, the waitresses call you “Honey” or “Sweetie”; very warm, friendly and all American.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

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