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I am sure you have all seen the news today.  It is horrible.  The mayor of London was quoted before the attack saying and this is an approximate quote.  Terror attacks are just part of life in a major metropolitan area.

That is NUTS!!

There is no excuse, reason, or cause that allows terror attacks. 

I wonder how much of this will the British people will take?  When they have had enough, how severe will the crack down be?

There is no place in Western Civilization for Sharia Law.  The two are incompatible.  In rocketry, it would be called a hypergolic fuel system.  That is two chemicals that when combined result in instant combustion.  This was the type of fuel we used in our Titan II missiles and in the Lunar Module assent stage to assure ignition.

It should be the left that should be leading the charge to insure vetting of Muslims.  The view of radical Muslims is completely against many of the favored groups of the left.  While the left here pushes homosexuality, radical Muslims want to kill the males and make sex slaves of the females.  Radical Muslims will kill transsexuals.  Radical Muslims do not believe in feminism.  Yet our left seem to be aiding radical Muslims.  That is completely illogical.  Our left and radical Muslims should be hypergolic.  Yet our left ignores the extreme differences.  I have to wonder why?

President Trump gets it.  Yet a few radical judges are preventing President Trump from exercising his lawful and Constitutional authority.  One could only hope that today's terror attack in London will open their eyes.  I sincerely doubt it. 

Now if a firearm had been used, our left would be hammering for even more anti-gun laws here.  If they were true to their "logic", where are the wall-to-wall calls to restrict cars and knives?  SILENCE!  It doesn't fit their fake narrative.

One has to wonder when this will happen here?  It is sadly almost certain to happen.  Radical Muslims are already here.  It is only time until one attacks.  How will the left respond? 

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Comment by CAPT Steven J Lucks on March 22, 2017 at 11:26pm


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