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Media Bias, The New Scary Spin And The 9. 12 Numbers

The following is an excerpt from an op/ed in today's The Cypress Times detailing ongoing Media Bias against the truth, the new "spin" tactic debuted by CNN yesterday after 2 million people showed up in D.C. - they can't deny that you're real now - so they will destroy you instead....

"And what of CNN? Have they seen the light? Did they suddenly change their policy and decide to try and be fair, or a little even-handed with the coverage like The New York Times and NBC did? Heck no!

CNN’s coverage was absolutely the most biased I saw. During their top of the hour round-up at 4:00 pm Central, CNN Anchor Don Lemon went to a reporter “on the scene” in D.C. By then the rally was over and people gone. CNN showed shots of an empty Pennsylvania Avenue and an empty Mall which served as the backdrop for their reporter. She did mention “thousands” had been in attendance. Overall, her wrap up wasn’t terrible. What came next, though, was an awful excuse for “journalism" and nothing less than an out-and-out smear campaign against you."

For the rest of the story + Video Click HERE

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