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Medical school official urges denial of care for Obamacare 'nonbelievers'

More  and more leftists are becoming unhinged and revealing their brutal inner  totalitarian. The latest is a fundraiser at the University of California, San  Francisco, one of the nation's top medical schools.  An official  at that medical school took to Twitter to propose that the those who are  "nonbelievers" in Obamacare be denied medical care.  The use of the term  "nonbeliever" reveals that progressivism has become a religion. Disagreement on  political policies is now a matter of faith, not political debate, at least ont  he left side of the spectrum. Here is a copy of her tweet (the original has been  deleted and her account suspended):

Of  course, the ultimate boss of Ms. Handler would be the new president of the  University of California, Janet Napolitano.  She, and the Board of Regents,  should be queried as to whether Ms. Handler's public expression of hate is  something that the University will tolerate.

Progressives  are showing signs of coming apart as the fantasies about Obama and the  progressive agenda are running into reality.  Recently, we have seen  Michigan State University Professor  William Penn caught on tape indoctrinating his class about evil Caucasians  who "raped" the country, instead of teaching them creative writing, which is  what the taxpayers of Michigan were paying him for. He has been "punished" with  a paid vacation, no longer required to teach his classes, but still collecting  his paycheck, much like Lois Lerner and the State Department officials who  allowed the massacre of an ambassador and 3 others in  Benghazi.

Then  there is Kansas University Professor David Guth, who on Monday, shortly after  the Navy Yard massacre, tweeted, "#NavyYardShooting  The blood is on the  hands of the #NRA . Next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters. Shame on you.  May God damn you."

He  has been placed on administrative leave, which I suspect means he is also  collecting a paycheck from the taxpayers, while not having to perform the duties  associated with his job.

The  theme of wishing death on the children of those who disagree with progressives  was also taken up by the communications director of the California Democrats in  Sacramento, who tweeted:

Notice  all the people who liked this vile wish.

Of  course, President Obama will say nothing about this. His pious talk about  civility in the wake of the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords is down the memory  hole.

The  fact that there are so many progressives out there who think death is the  appropriate punishment for disagreement with their politics is a dangerous sign.  It is time for responsible Democrats (if there are any left) to speak up. But I  am not holding my breath.

Hat  tips: Hot Air, Twitchy, and Instapundiut.

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Me Here............I have learned to no be surprised by the level of pure hate from the left when they don't get their way.  I think these spoiled rotten brats need a good hard "spanking" from the voters!!!! 

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