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MI GOP Candidate: Facebook Rejected Campaign Announcement as 'Shocking and Disrespectful'

A state senate candidate in Michigan praised federal lawmakers for challenging Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on alleged censorship after his own campaign annoucement was blocked.
Aric Nesbitt, of the Grand Rapids area, said he tried to "boost" his online campaign announcement when the social media giant blocked it and sent him a message calling it "shocking and disrespectful material."
Tucker Carlson asked Nesbitt what could have been construed as shocking or disrespectful.
Nesbitt said he's "still trying to figure that out."
He said the announcement consisted of his basic policy platform of "limited government," lower taxes, defending the unborn and protecting the Second Amendment.
Carlson said that left-wing Silicon Valley may have taken issue with the last two.
Nesbitt praised Reps. Tim Walberg and Fred Upton (R-Mich.) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) for challenging Zuckerberg on the topic.
Carlson pointed out that Tennessee Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn also posed pointed questions to the 33-year-old billionaire, who said he strives to rid Facebook of "terrorism" and related objectionable content.
"Diamond and Silk is not terrorism," Blackburn said, referring to the pair of conservative activists in neighboring North Carolina.

Me Here....I have met and am corresponding with him.  He seems like a good conservative.

This exposes the toxic hatred of liberalism.  We have to wake up to the extreme depths of their hate.  So much for their claim of tolerance!  Their claim is now completely FAKE NEWS!  When they claim tolerance, laugh at them!  It is all they have earned.

So far liberalism hasn't degenerated to the level of the hate of ISIS and their ilk.  Sadly I think they are trending that way.  We have seen most of the latest mass shootings have been liberal.  So this trend we need to keep track of as the same group is pressing to disarm us.  I hope the two are not related! 

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