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This weekend was the Michigan GOP Convention in Lansing, MI.  I was sellected to be the 9th Alternate Deligate from Allegan County.  I went wondering if this time I would be called from the "Bullpen".  That is when due to Primary Deligates not showing up, Alternates are elevated to Primary as long as needed to have a full deligation.


Friday, I was the last Alternate to be called from the "Bullpen" for the 6th District Caucus.  So now I had a vote.  YIPPEE!!!!  We elected our officers.  The TEA Party concervatives didn't do well, but we gave a good challenge.  We are growing.


Saturday was the big event.  We had many running for the offices including my friend Cindy Gamrat along with Todd Couser for Vice Chairs of the Party.  This is the TOP office for the GOP in the state.


Again, I was called out of the Bullpen.  Cindy who was a Primary Deligate was very busy campaigning.  So I guess I was a good fill-in for her.  The Conservatives did win a few offices.  Cindy and Todd lost, but by only 32 votes Cindy told me today.


This for now does seem to have the attention of the State GOP.  She and Todd had a talk with the Lt. Governor.  He said our concerns will not be ignored.  He has done the talking, now we will see the actions.


It is far from normal for the Governor's choice to run the State GOP is even challenged.  Cindy and Todd came into the race late and were outspent by at least 5 to 1.  Yet, it was a nail biter for both.


This also shows very clearly that the strength of the TEA Party in Michigan is growing.  Four years ago we didn't exist.  This weekend, we came oooooh soooooo close to taking control of the GOP here. 


We know what we have to do the gain control.  Once this happens, we can bring the GOP back to the party of Reagan.  There are many battles to go.  If the Establishment does as the Lt. Governor said, we will be making many changes. 


This is Conservative People Power in action! 

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