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I called my State Senator Jone's office today to see what if anything is going on as to an investigation into the complete security disaster.


I didn't learn anything new.  The aide took my name and contact information and told me the Senator would get back with me.  I will check in after Christmas if I don't hear anything.  That goes for the others I have contacted. 


So far I can't get a hold of my State Represenative Genetski.  The phone goes straight to voice mail.  I know he and his staff are moving to a different office.  That may be the reason I guess.


No word back from either the Attorney General or the Governor.


I am not going to let this die.  There was a complete failure of security on both days.  Calls for help went unanswered by both Capitol Security and 911.  A personal plea from one of the group to a squad of Lansing City Police next to the Capitol Building was ignored.  "It wasn't their jourisdiction." was the lame reply.  All of this is just totally unacceptable.


When it comes to security, I know I could have done better heading it up.  And when just an Army National Guard Sergeant is saying that, then something is wrong.  Very, very wrong!


I did get Christmas Cards from both the Governor and Lt. Governor.  I guess being a Precinct Delegate puts you on thier mailing list.


I want answers not pretty Christmas Cards!

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