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The holidays are over and the state politicians are back at work.  I called both my State Represenative Genetski and State Senator Jones.  It wasn't very good.


I talked to an aide in Genetski's office.  She said she would pass the message along again.  I wonder if this time I will hear anything back.


I talked to an aide in Jones's office.  She at first tried to tell me that security was everywhere.  I reminded her that I was at the AFP Tent and none was seen or would respond to many calls for help.  I asked about the head of Capitol Security.  She didn't know who it was or who that person works for.  Interesting.  She also told me that I, and I guess the others backing Right To Work, were on our own for security.  That isn't the correct answer.  Capitol Security is responsible for the security of EVERYONE on the grounds.  They don't get to pick and choose who to protect!


So we have a person that isn't elected to the position.  No one seems to know who the person is.  Nor does anyone know who this person is accountable to.  What a great job that I am sure pays very well and when you completely fail at that job, no one seems to care to hold that person accountable.  I will keep digging.  This person is on my "naughty list" and needs to be replaced.  I still wonder why that person wasn't fired on December 11, 2012.


Tonight, I upped that stakes a bit.  I went my Township's monthly meeting.  It is Gunplain Charter Township.  I spoke during the "open to the public" segment of the meeting asking for the Township's help in getting answers to my serious concerns.  Supervisor VanDenBerg said he would make some calls and report back at the February Meeting.  He will keep me up to date on this.


There was a reporter for the local paper at the meeting.  It is the Plaiwell/Otsego Union Enterprise.  He seemed uninterested in the story.  That seems to be normal with this story.  TV-8 and now this paper have passed on this story.


I am still left with all my questions unanswered.  I will keep digging and post any new information I get.  So keep checking back for updates as I get them.



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