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Dear Senator Levin and Stabinow:


I have been following the story at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada.  Yesterday, the standoff between Mr. Bundy and the BLM ended very suddenly.  The standoff ended when it was learned that Majority Leader Reid, his son, a former aide now the head of the BLM, and the Chinese were all involved in the taking of Mr. Bundy’s cattle and his grazing rights.  Once the news was made public, the BLM couldn’t leave fast enough!


In the West, taking a person’s cattle is a crime called rustling.  It is a very serious crime.  Taking a person’s land, and to me, taking a grazing rights without going to court is not only a crime, but a violation of Mr. Bundy’s rights under the U.S. Constitution under takings. 


I have learned that the excuse for cancelling the grazing to protect the Desert Tortoise is a sham.  The very same government is killing these tortoises by the thousands.  So the reason is false.


People have looked into the real reason for the land grab is to give the land to the Chinese for a multibillion dollar solar energy project.  And I thought the Democrat Party was for the little people and for American workers.  This reeks of humongous Federal Government favoring the rich and not friendly foreign governments over us Americans.  So your side is doing exactly what you blame on the Republicans.


I ask both of you to stand for Americans and to call for Senator Reid to resign from the Senate for his outrageous actions against Americans.  I am sure you would be doing this if Senator Reid was a Republican.  So please be fair and apply this standard equally.



William A. Geresy

Me Here......This is a copy of a letter I sent to both of my Democrat Senators Levin and Stabinow.  I can only hope that a huge number of Americans flood the US Senate with letters like this.  Maybe then they will start to get the message that we are not happy with crap like this!

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