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You have read the story about Mr. Rangle saying that TEA Party members are "White Crackers".  Sir, it is time to EAT those words!!!!  You know those words are not true!!!!  It is just political hate speech.


So To help you eat those hate filled words, I am going to mail you a box of Walmart brand white saltine crackers.  I hope all that read this will also mail you saltine crackers.


Mr. Rangle's DC address is:


Honorable Charlie Rangle

2354 Rayburn HOB

Washington, DC  20515


I picked Walmart store brand because I know how much Democrats hate Walmart.  Yours doesn't have to be.  You can send what ever brand you like.


It is time that TEA Party members show their disgust at Mr. Rangle's hateful comment.  This seems to be an effective way to help Mr. Rangle eat his words!!!!!


Please enclose a short note stating your disgust with his comment and state that the saltine crackers are a symbolic way for him to "eat his words"!!!!


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