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Nailed It: Fed-up NFL Fan’s Letter Goes Mega Viral as She Says What We’re All Thinking

The tone-deaf NFL has doubled down on its disrespectful behavior during the national anthem and in front of the American flag.

As players refuse to stand for the flag and literally hide in the locker room, patriotic citizens are becoming fed up with the childish displays.

A letter from a football fan is now going viral — and it perfectly summarizes the feelings of many Americans who are tired of watching millionaire professional players become so self-absorbed that they won’t respect American traditions.

The note has been posted on many different online pages and forums, but it’s original author is not currently known.

I see you…
I see you, professional football player, as you kneel down during the playing of the National Anthem…
I see you, with your arm raised in protest…
I see you thinking you are doing something to unite people over social and racial injustice.

I see you…
But, more than that here is what I really see…
I see a man pushing the wheels of his wheelchair as he returns home from a foreign land unable to function as he once did, due to fighting to protect you as you kneel on the ground.
I see a young widow, dressed carefully in black, mourning the remains of her husband, hugging a coffin on the tarmac of an airport. I see that same woman clutching a perfectly folded flag to her bosom as taps is played at his graveside. I see her young son, tears streaming down his face knowing his father would never come home again.

I see graveyards full of tombstones, here and overseas, with names of those fallen, with dates showing a much too early death. I see so many, from so many different wars and conflicts, crosses and stones. They are too numerous to count.
I see the sacrifices made, the hearts broken, the tears shed, the shattered lives all in the name of freedom… all in the name of that red, white and blue piece of cloth that you choose to protest.

Social and racial injustice? You who make millions of American dollars for playing a game in a country where you have more opportunity to make a better life for you and your family than anywhere in the world? Really? The hypocrisy of it astounds me.
First of all, if you really want to protest, give your money and time to make changes. Give to those less fortunate than you. Help those people get an education, buy them food and shelter. Show them opportunities to make better decisions. Teach them that they have a purpose in life.
If you really want to protest injustices…

Protest the treatment of veterans, who have to wait extremely long periods of time for healthcare, who are living under interstate bridges, in boxes, who are committing suicide. Today over twenty of them will take their lives out of hopelessness and despair.
Protest the people whose goal in life is to make sure an unborn baby doesn’t see the light of day. There will be around 3,500 of them today. There is no greater injustice than that.
Protest the loss of religious rights as some atheist complained so much that public prayer by a group of young players on an athletic field is not allowed.

When I see that flag, when I hear that song, when I sing those words, I give homage to those who died for this land, who continue to protect this land, who don’t know if and when they will ever see their loved ones again. Some say that they died for your freedom so that you can take a knee. I say they died for your freedom so you can stand proudly  and be thankful that God has blessed you enough that you can live in a country of so much opportunity.

Go ahead…
Go ahead and kneel…
Go ahead and be ungrateful.
I am watching…
As are millions and millions of others.
We don’t see a protest of unity… we see a protest of disgraceful ignorance.

We have already seen football fans turning off their television sets, tearing up season tickets, and canceling sports packages over their disgust with the behavior of players.

Unless players begin respecting the American flag once again, things will only get worse. If the NFL and other sports leagues are not careful, their self-inflicted damage will be permanent.

Me Here......I so agree.  As another put it, "You can't take a knee and stand for something at the same time!"

Many are wondering if this isn't just another way to divide us?  That is something to think about.  Liberals lose when we are united.  Liberals thrive on division and discontent.

What is happening in the NFL is against the rules.  It is way past time for a flag to be thrown and major penalties assessed.  If this rule isn't going to be enforced, why should any other be?  Should the refs just left the yellow flags in the locker room and let mayhem take place during the game?  Either all rules are enforced fairly or none should be.  Refs, you can end this.  Throw a flag on those that violate the NFL rules.  It may well be the first time you are applauded.  I would. 

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