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Patriot's Heart Network announces that the eligibility challenge in the state of Illinois is progressing. Meroni V ISBE

Steve Boulton, renowned election attorney from McCarthy Duffy LLD, has filed his appearance in the case before the 4th District Appellate Court.  He has filed a motion to extend the due date of the filing for the appellant brief to February 3rd.  Mr. Boulton plans to request oral arguments.

Counselor Boulton finds the issues in this case to present "intriguing Constitutional questions" and will take up the appeals for Meroni V ISBE.  Mr. Boulton has a distinguished background as an election attorney that includes victories in election issues before the Illinois Supreme Court. In addition to his law career with McCarthy Duffy, Mr. Boulton is the General Counsel for the Chicago GOP.  This case is not connected with his role within the Republican Party.

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Comment by Eric Kevin Poy on January 14, 2011 at 5:31pm
Dear Chalice, I'm GLAD TO HEAR that the case is moving forward and with GOD'S BLESSING will come to a FAVORABLE ENDING!!! THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!! THANKS for sharing!!!! THANKS for FIGHTING for WHAT IS RIGHT & for "WE THE PEOPLE"!!!! Every State needs to do what you are doing, so we have ONLY VALID Candidates on the Ballot. THANKS for ALL YOUR HARD WORK & THE PERSEVERANCE!!!! "GOOD LUCK" & Be WELL!!! :-)


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