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Nothing ‘lame duck’ about a president working to bring down America

Nothing ‘lame duck’ about a president working to bring down America

Dutifully, and even downright meekly,  the mainstream media—including Fox News—is reporting on Obama’s wobbly and weak State of the Union Address this morning.

The shock value of his vow to act ‘with or without Congress’ went out with the tide weeks ago.

“After vowing in his State of the Union address to use the power of the pen to pursue his agenda in 2014, President Obama once again is hitting the campaign trail to tout his proposals—while countering criticism that his presidency has entered a lame-duck phase.” (, Jan. 29, 2014)

Proof positive that the millions who switched to neutral television channels the moment SOTU coverage started last night didn’t miss a thing.

Just as they called it ahead of the shameful event, It was the same old, same old lies, lies and more lies.

They know one and all that Obama is not “once again hitting the campaign trail to tout his proposals”, facts prove he’s never stopped campaigning before and since his first election on long-ago November 4, 2008.

Portraying Obama’s presidency as one that “has entered a lame-duck phase” is at worst disingenuous and at best, totally missing the mark.

A ‘lame duck’ doesn’t venture far from the nest, puts his weapons aside and comes with adjectives like, benign, vulnerable and loud quacks aside, is seen, in general as not much of a threat.

Obama, with all of the weapons and cash on his side of the ledger,  is a duck who strides across the country, leaving a wide wake of discernible destruction behind him.  This is one duck boldly laying out the poison to stop patriots in their tracks; to choke off freedom from having even a faint voice.

Lost in a miasma of their own making, the mainstream media of the day harken to what they see as the safe, tried but not true expressions of the far distant past.

They fill the air with theories that other presidents have gone through lame duck-phases in their second terms.  But the lame duck-phases of other presidents gone with a long ago wind, don’t matter anymore.

This is now and the Free West is under unrelenting Marxist attack.

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