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Obamacare Is Unconstitutional, So????????

10/31/2009: Commentary: Obamacare Is Unconstitutional, So????????

I have heard absolutely no one suggest that the Constitutional Amendment process should be initiated and employed to allow or disallow the government take over of the healthcare insurance industry.

There are numerous other actions by the federal government that seem to be outside the restraints of the Constitution. Are we to a point where to require an amendment to the Constitution isn't even part of the conversation?

Conservative means conserving the principles in which this nation was founded. Even the Conservatives have not demanded the Constitutional Amendment process be implemented.
Shouldn't our representatives demand this? The people in Washington care nothing about the Constitution unless they want to use it to give themselves more power. Once they made it a living document and not a real law. as it is, they made it so they can do anything they want and could care less about the Constitution. “We The People” need to vote for only those that will return the Constitution to its place as the Supreme law of the land.

Recently, Pelosi was asked what part of the Constitution empowers Congress to pass such a health care bill. Her response was to look baffled and dismiss the question as not serious. I contend her response was not a malicious “we’ll do whatever we want”, but an honest, if grossly wrong, belief that Congress IS empowered to do exactly such a thing, that nothing in the Constitution stops them from doing so for enumeration of restriction or lack of enumerated empowerment.

Those making such laws, and most arguing against, fail to note that not only does the Constitution not empower Congress to do such things but actively forbids it. The 1st Amendment (freedom of association - or not) and 4th Amendment (security of personal papers - like health records) are hugely violated by this bill. We need to refuse participation on these grounds and others and, indeed, loudly point out that if they want to do such a thing they must amend the Constitution.

We have a system of co-equal branches, divided government, and checks and balances. If the Courts have derogated their duty, and they most certainly have, our Constitution provides the legislative and executive authority and power to put them back in their place and/or replace them.
The problem is that practically all of those in the legislative branch and those given executive authority and responsibility have abandoned our form of government and become judicial supremacists, thereby breaking their oaths of office and becoming the primary vehicles for the utter destruction of our free republic and our liberty. Very few of our representatives actually represent us and that has caused many Americans to become apathetic towards them. We have grown to expect them to look out for themselves , lobbyist and other special interest like converting our constitutional republic into a state run communism. I believe firmly that 0bama and his band of thugs want to destroy the dollar , ruin the economy , create anarchy and place our country in a state of martial law where he can maintain his agenda for as long as it takes to make the transition to a communist state . Then we will have elections with only 0bamas name on the ballot and then we will live happily ever after in oppression .

The courts are packed with their picks, who don’t care what the Constitution says or intended; they MAKE rulings in favor of the Communists now in power in this country, allowing Laws to be passed and beating down every challenge, the Birth Certificate issue is a perfect example, where they’ve consistently ruled that The People have no “standing”. I just am not sure it’s possible for a people to propagate a set of ideas forward without generation loss, even when it’s been written down. Religions have done a good job of it, but look what a monumental effort they have to make. It’s the entire focus of their existence. The only way we’d be able to keep the Constitution intact would be through massive concerted effort to do so. We would have to almost have a civic cult of the Constitution. But we haven't even come close to doing that, especially not in the last 50 years, and so it is eroding. It’s an entropy thing and probably inevitable. In other words, we’re doomed. Actually I’m not sure it’s quite so hopeless, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it is.

The so-called "living document" is indeed a dead, rotting hulk thanks to those who think like Obama, in that it is a charter of negative liberties which interferes with the "Progressives" in their 'progress' toward Marxism. They feel that it declares what the Federal government can't do to you, but should have even more features on what the Federal government must provide to you. This attitude-turned-to-community-activism is a sick, perverted, elitist, academic's wet dream.

There is a simple but effective solution to this nation's problems. Follow the example of the founding fathers. This all can be stopped. Why are the right people not using the tools the founders have provided?.....Bloody but a very effective solution and, of course, end game! American must never be turned into a Marxist-Socialist Nation, never!!!!!!

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