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Obama’s team of despots has turned a Stimulus Bill into a Kill the Elderly bill...

2/12/2009: Obama’s team of despots has turned a Stimulus Bill into a Kill the Elderly bill:
(NOTE: Article extracted from the Canada Free Press)

I’m shocked at having to write the above headline. But far more important than mannerism is the profound obligation of every citizen and active US resident to scream out against the despicable “healthcare” provisions in the “Stimulus” Bill.

The so-called “Stimulus Bill” has in it a provision to establish a “National Coordinator of Health Information Technology.” The Coordinator would primarily establish cost cutting guidelines that doctors would be bound to follow or face penalties determined by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

England has also taken steps to destroy healthcare for the elderly and to concentrate all resources (which are extremely limited - being a government run bureaucratic nightmare that does not incentivize doctors) on the young and able. Those who’ve paid into the system for their entire lives are now viewed as useless burdens, not as human beings. In Canada, cuts to seniors are less pronounced. They are simply built into the system. The result: An average wait of 14 months for a hip operation. And that’s just a minor example. Despite the abysmal nature of Canada’s health care in general, seniors suffer the worst.

A lot of the health policies that somehow made their way into a package that’s purported to deal with “economic stimulus” were written with the advice of Tom Daschle (no, evil doesn’t just walk away). Daschle’s book on health care states that seniors should sacrifice advancements in care so that resources can be spent primarily on the young. The free market system that values and encourages advancements for young and old alike has no place in the heart of a man who, were it not for a matter of back taxes, would have fancied himself the Grinch Who Stole Healthcare.

It gets worse. Daschle goes on to say that those who have received what he terms “hopeless diagnoses” should just accept it. According to the man whose antics in the Senate earned him the distinction of being the only party leader to be voted out of that body since 1950, Americans should “forego experimental treatment” and adopt a more European attitude of acceptance.

That resilience in fighting disease has helped save the lives of many tens of thousands who’ve received dire prognoses from doctors is of no interest to Daschle. Nor is the fact that smart Europeans do not just give up. They seek alternative treatments, something that do in part because of the fact that their standard medical system is too inadequate to be relied upon.

And instead of using those views to gain acceptance to a mental institution of his choice, Tom Daschle wants them enacted as policy. We already know who was receptive to his views; some man who promised hope and change and who did not tell us that those involved killing seniors and the very ill.

Obama’s team of despots has turned a Stimulus Bill into a Kill the Elderly bill. And the Democrats in the Senate, including Ben Nelson, Bill Nelson, Joe Lieberman, Arlen Specter and the two nitwits from Maine are too stupid or too reckless to put up a fuss. We, as citizens of the United States of America, can’t be. Our nation was founded on better morals than this.

The Democrats have declared war on the elderly. And they will suffer the shame of history as a result.

These are not compassionate people. These are not good people. These are despicable and outrageous beasts and the time has come to finally call them what they are.

Here America, here are the “leaders” you just elected. Cry and pray, but also take action. This nation was built on better stuff than that.

It’s a sad day when even columnists who’ve engaged “liberals” (henceforth to be called fascists) in dialogue and discussion, end up having to sound like Michael Savage, who, quite frankly, seems to be right about the uproar he’s been raising for years. But it would be an even sadder day if no one spoke up in outrage against this brutality.

To paraphrase Martin Niemöller:

First they came for the elderly, but I was not elderly, so I did not care.
Then they came for the disabled, but I was not disabled, so I did not care.
Then they came for the infirm, but I was not infirm, so I did not care.
Then they came for me, and there was no one left to stand up.

I may be 31 years old, but as someone who served as a chaplain in hospitals and who’s worked with the elderly, I see the difference between the care given in this country and the abject neglect that is the hallmark of the system in other countries with government run and government rationed so-called “health care” that is anything but. We cannot bring that to America.

One message: ACT

- Call radio show hosts, especially Dr. Laura, who will likely mobilize her active listening audience of mothers, daughters and concerned listeners to act against this atrocity.

- Call your congressmen and senators and express your profound outrage at a National Coordinator of Health Information Technology whose system can be used to “penalize doctors who do not submit its cost cutting guidelines.”

- With regard to whoever is nominated to the position of “Health and Human” Services: Start a letter campaign to them as soon as he or she is nominated, to withdraw from consideration due to reprehensible acts that the Obama administration is seeking to perform in the area of “healthcare.” No reputable person should agree to head a department that under this plan would in effect be a Department of Killing the Elderly.

- Understand that the party of Hubert Humphrey, Lyndon Johnson, John F. Kennedy and Scoop Jackson is no more. It’s been co-opted by the same radical lunatics whose German and Russian ideological cousins brought untold devastation to their countries and is supported by hapless fools who do not know enough to speak out even against this.

This is America. We don’t take kindly to destroying health care for the elderly. More to the point: We don’t take kindly to people proposing to kill the elderly. This is America. We fight back. So please, right now, speak up and act!

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