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October 29th - Diana West, Author of American Betrayal, LIVE, Sovereignty Unbound 10pm ET

One of America’s very best syndicated columnists, Diana West, author of American Betrayal, will tell us how her research demonstrates an ongoing subversion of America’s highest halls of government (along with intelligence and media) focusing upon the World War II years.

Also, how for revealing it she was attacked, in “true” propagandist style.

Don’t miss the 10pm ET start; Ms. West leads off!

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This is presented in an ongoing Sovereignty Unbound or Gulag Bound series: Relearn the 20th Century.

Your host is Arlen Williams of and the Sovereignty Campaign (

In addition to Terresa Monroe-Hamilton’s new, “American Betrayal – A Book Review,” you may wish to see any of these videos regarding this essential author and essential book (a meaty and well ordered, twelve minute synopsis in the middle one):

Five and a half minutes with Glenn Beck:

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