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Ok. He's a Dictator. What Are You Going To Do About It?

New York Times Tower seen from streetlevel
New York Times Tower seen from streetlevel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The New York Times' Robert Pear got his pantaloons in a bunch on Christmas Eve over the seemingly endless adjustments by Obama of the Affordable Care Act.

Pear detailed the various adjustments and extensions in an article titled, "Sign-Up Period Extended Again for Health Plan."

His conclusion:

"...In its effort to help consumers and to avoid political damage to the president, the administration has announced a series of policy changes, delays, extensions and clarifications in recent months...Taken together, they amount to a sweeping exercise of executive power — what Prof. Jonathan Turley of George Washington University Law School describes as a “pattern of circumventing Congress in the creation of new major standards, exceptions or outright nullifications...”

This declaration so impressed the folks at Breitbart, mainly Wynton Hill, and reported as news, that the New York Times had made the statement, apparently, as if to say, "now even the Times is appalled at Obama's dictatorial over-reach."

He did quote a professor Turley from the George Washington University Law School, who said that the Obama administration "...has engaged in a "pattern of circumnavigating Congress in the creation of new major standards, exceptions or outright nullifications..."

Most "astute" people have known this for some time; that is, those that are aware and not afraid to voice their challenges to the President's series of Constitutional breaches. And yet now, it seems, some find a sort of confirmation in certain circles, as if the entire time, they had been holding their breath in hopes that their protests against Constitutional infractions might some day be affirmed and declared correct by an annointed Socialist Lackey in one of their "esteemed" propaganda rags.

Constitutionalists have been, for some time, writing about the President's circumvention of Congress, but have been quiet about the fact that he could only bypass the Constitution if he had first effected a quiet "coup d' etat," a "golpe de estado," a Presidential take-over of the nation, and had assumed his throne as dictator.

He, after all,  stated he would bypass via executive orders, and warned the nation he would do so, if Congress would not cooperate with his agenda.  This, after, he lied about ObamaCare, apparently to get re-elected.

Perhaps he can continue to do this, because the coup we are so quick to credit him with occurred long before he took office, and there have been, as it is becoming more and more apparent, since time immemorial, a series of federal government administrations, along with their accomplices in Congress,and in the Courts, who have, in succession, advanced the ruse that we live in a Constitutional Republic, when we evidently do not.

The question remains:  What are we going to do about it?

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Comment by Chalice on December 26, 2013 at 5:24pm

That is the question.  I am fighting for election integrity so they can't continue to steal the vote... I think each of us must do what we can, whenever we can!

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