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OMG! Liberal Professor’s Solution to Saving Democracy is NUTS…Is He a Terrorist or Just INSANE?

Lars Maischak is a professor at the California State University at Fresno. And after what he said, we advise staying away from him at all costs.

He has a “solution” to save American democracy.

He believes that President Trump should be hanged and other Republicans summarily executed!

Does this man not realize that what he is suggesting is murder?

No, it’s even worse than that. It’s genocide!

“To save American democracy, Trump must hang. The sooner and the higher, the better.”



And he is still teaching?!

According to his professor profile on the university’s website, Maischak teaches American history! He focuses on the 19th century.

And guess who he really likes to talk about.

The intellectual history of socialist…Karl Marx.

If you take a stroll down Maischak’s Twitter timeline, you can see that he is very vocal about his disdain for Trump or Republicans.

Like this beauty, where he is asking if money is being collected… to erect a monument honoring “the Trump assassin.”



Or this one, where he rewrites the dictionary. He defines “justice” as being two Republicans murdered for every illegal immigrant deported.

What a guy!


Or when he flat out asked for the Republican Party to be banned in the U.S.


And the most disgusting one of them all (in our opinion).

Maischak tweeted that the mother of Jesus Christ, Mary, should have aborted Jesus so he could be “spared this clerical-fascist crap.”


Thankfully, he doesn’t seem to have too many fans.

Replies on the tweets mostly include people ripping Maischak for his opinions while others tag the Secret Service’s official Twitter handle to alert them of Maischak’s call for Trump to be assassinated.

The Blaze

California State University at Fresno insists that Maischak’s tweets don’t represent their views.

But they will still let him teach there…

“Lars Maischak is employed as a lecturer at Fresno State. Statements made on his personal social media accounts are his alone and are not endorsed by or reflect the position of the University.”

What do you think? Should this be fired?

Me Here.....If the knuckle dragger has stated the same against the Usurper Barry Soetoro, you can bet he would have been fired, tarred and feathered, and road off the campus on a rail!

This is the classic double standard of liberalism.  They can do hate speech and there is no consequence!  They can't see the wrong.

Fresno State should be firing this clown.  The Secret Service needs to have a very long talk with this hate filled potentially violent piece of "Horse Hockey"!

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