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Opposition to the Arizona Law Is a Smokescreen for What?

Careful to not call attention to this subterfuge, the Obama Administration, i.e., Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, and ICE Director, John Morton, have launched a campaign to render current FEDERAL Immigration Law null and void, open our porous borders even more, and institute amnesty and citizenship for illegal aliens.

Whether it is intentional or not, whether it is to deliberately usurp the Laws of the United States, or whether it is due to incompetency is completely irrelevant. The result is the same.

To wit: Eric Holder attacked the Arizona Law and has stated he will challenge it in court. Other officials have condemned the Law as racist, and opening the door to racial profiling. Yet we all know that within the Arizona Law are stipulations that specifically bar racial profiling, and we also know that the Arizona law mirrors the current Federal Immigration Law.

Why then, in the face of these facts, do the National Socialists persist in attacking that Law?

There is no rhyme or reason to this unless we inspect the National Socialists' actions under the magnifying glass of their own agenda.

It is not too far fetched to assume that a White House Administration facing wholesale ridicule for their failure to protect our borders and failing to secure the safety of American citizens, because of its refusal to enforce Federal Immigration Law, would in someway react politically to counter its perceived attack on its failed policies.

Add the Rahm Emanuel "logic" with which he states, "you never want a serious crisis to go to waste," and you quickly cast the revealing shaft of illumination on the possibility of a National Socialiist plan, not only to refuse to enforce current Immigration Law, but to attack the Arizona Law to tie it up in the courts. And a court ruling against the Arizona Law would have a similar effect upon existing Federal Law. If it was found that the Arizona Immigration Law was unconstitutional, because the court determined it created an opportunity for racial profiling, the same ruling would apply to the Federal Law, because that Law closely mirrors the Federal Law.

Now, do you think for a moment that it did not occur, even for a second, or even by accident to a shrewd National Socialist, wringing his or her hands within the the dark, dank socialist confines of our current White House? Would you not suspect that this was not only an opportunity to retaliate politically against the actions of their political opponents, but an opportunity to immediately open our borders even wider to a wholesale invasion by illegal aliens, rendering Federal Immigration Law null and void?

In a climate of politically correct hysteria, ready to rule against the perceived evil of the Arizona Immigration Law, how would a court then rule with regard to the Federal Immigration Law that the Arizona Law closely mirrors?

One must raise the issue and ask the question then: When top level Obama Administration officials refuse to even name cold blooded murderers for the Terrorists that they are; when the Administration still considers trying those despicable Terrorists in a civilian court in New York City, even after a failed bombing attempt at New York Times Square; and when a supposedly clue-less President states to the press and to the people that he considers Terrorist's failed attempts upon the lives of American Citizens as examples of his "success" in the War on Terror, is it not possible, then that their intention is to deliver a crushing blow to our nation by surreptitiously dismantling and crippling their already failing national Immigration policy, and implementing their agenda of open borders, amnesty, and citizenship for illegal aliens?

In this light the challenge against the Arizona Immigration Law provides the basis for the National Socialists in the White House and the Congress to attack our Federal Immigration policies, and escalate their assault by eradicating any semblance of a border, granting amnesty and citizenship to millions, and surrendering our sovereignty with one fateful Court decision.

Should we wait and see what happens? Or should we mobilize to ensure that all states recognize the strategy and take action now in state legislatures to prevent this from occurring?

Remember, "A crisis is a horrible thing to waste."


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