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A great many of us for a variety of reasons feel the person in the White House is both Constitutionally and by his background unqualified to be President.  Here is one more reason.  This I know personally as I had to do and pass a DD Form 398 background check to qualify for a Top Secret in the Air Force.


It is a pain to fill out.  Here is what happens once you turn that form in.  I am quoting from an article written by an investigator that would take the form to the field and verify every last part.  I have deleted his name to protect his privacy.


        Security Clearances and DD Form 398       

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             You bet they were used and I used alot of them. After being a security Policeman for seven years I applied for OSI and was accepted. After ten weeks of school and months of OJT I was able to go out on my own with a stack of 398's. Every items on the form was verified if the applicant needed a TS clearance. From the listing of schools, residences and jobs we had verify dates and interview people who knew you and the family. Did yhou enjoy a good reputatuion in the community, had you ever visited a foreigh country, trouble with Law Enforcement. Every address since you were 18 was verified. Every joib verified and your supervisor talked to. School records were verified and if a college, the deans office was visited to see if there were any disciplinary problems.On and on. The reason you had to make six copies is that often more than one agent was working on your background investigation. You had to list five references, from them we had to develope at least three other referenced you did not list. This is not the full list of what we did, but I think you get the picture. If you only needed a secret clearance it was simpler. We only had to verify your date and place of birth, credit history and check all the police agencies (local PD and sheriff's office) everywhere you lived from 18 and on.Of course in all cases FBI fingerprints were run. This was also run for the TS clearance. When complete the report was assembled n DO 4 (District Office 4) at Bolling AFB, DV. A letter was sent to your commander who had requested the security clearance and he then granted or rejected you for the clearance. If rejected you were normally reassigned to a non-critical job. If granted, you were never made aware of it but there was a notation in your file. Of course there are always exceptions but this is generally how they were handled. That DD Form 398 was important. I still use my seventh copy every once in a while and I've been retired since 75. XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX, US Army 55-58 USAF Security Police and ADC 58-65 (Wurthsmith AFB, 914 ACW, 904 RADRON, Truax Field) Hq Comd. (OSI) 65-75
As you can see the investigation is quite detailed.  I have never had a doubt that the Usurper could never pass this type of background check.  Yet today, he has access to all of our nation's deepest secrets.  What a great place for a spy!

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