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"...what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it

Patriot Warriors, by Columnist Bill Turner

We are at war. Politics is no longer about polite discussion to resolve differences and do what is best for America. Politics has become the realm of warfare and we must adopt the mindset of a warrior if we are to make it as a society.

Our “enemy” in this war has no values, no concept of debate or fair play, they are only concerned about the end. In this case, the ends justify the meanness. Our enemy is using the school system to brainwash the youth. The enemy is quickly seeking to crush dissent by using the Department of Homeland Security to lock up dissidents, those who dare speak up. Their tactics are taking a toll on the free people of America. We have become reluctant to speak up and speak out, out of fear of being labeled a racist or worse, charged with some vague “hate crime”.

There can be no surrender, no debate, no compromise of values with these people. We cannot bend, much less yield to them. There is only war. Read the rest of the Column in today's The Cypress Times: Christian. Conservative. Online. Daily News.

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