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‘Pawn Stars’ Host Blasts Socialism: ‘There’s No Point in Working Hard’

While some Democratic politicians are trying to convince the nation there should only be two classes — you, and those in government who control you (here, here, and here) — Pawn Stars host Rick Harrison remains unconvinced.
Speaking on Fox News program Outnumbered, Rick said he knows the drill, and he wants young people to understand it, too:
“[I] tell college kids… ‘Next time you’re in college and talking to these other students that love socialism, just tell them, “Let’s do the tenets of socialism.”‘”
His test is simple, yet a fantastic, real-world example of what happens when the playing field is, according to many on the Left, leveled:
“Next time we have a big test, we’re just going to average out all the scores and everyone gets the same, same score on the test. See how hard everyone tries next week.”
Right — it’s common sense. People do things when they have incentive, and capitalism allows one to rise according to one’s commitment to actions which can garner reward. Take away the reward — and, therefore, the incentive — and you get a bunch of people who don’t care:
“[The class experiment] will slow down the work to where everyone gets an ‘F’ in the class. There’s no point in working hard.”
Looking to 2020, talk of socialism in the DNC looks to be set at the bottom of a year-and-eight-month-long ramp.

As reported by Fox:
Businessman Andrew Yang, a Democratic presidential candidate, is proposing universal basic income, giving everyone over 18 a stipend of $1,000 monthly.
“This is not socialism. This is capitalism where income doesn’t start at zero,” Yang told CBS News.
Can someone get Yang an abacus?
Speaking at CPAC last week, Rick waxed more philosophic on the Nazis’ favored system, related to drugs and Venezuela:
“It’s literally like heroin. The first shot is great. For a little bit, it’s wonderful, but then the rest of your life is a living hell. And that’s literally what the socialists are doing. Once you give someone something, it’s hard to take it away…then you get Venezuela.”
Thanks to Venezuela’s use of Hitler and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s preferred mode, children are selling sex. And straight men are selling gay sex (here).
And Democrats are selling baloney. Because — in part — as Thomas Sowell pointed out recently, you can’t make people equal. See his brilliant explanation here.
And see goofiness all over the place, across the aisle.

Me Here....Mr. Harrison is right.  College kids live socialism until it would be applied to their grades.  Then it is unfair that all would get the same result.  The problem is those same kids can't understand that it would work the same way in the real world.

Unions have the same problem.  The union only recognizes seniority as the means to advance.  If the person ahead of you is an idiot and you would be great at tthe new job, the idiot gets the job.

The military has the problem in a different way.  If you are the greatest pilot, you will be rewarded with promotions.  The next thing the great pilot gets to do is fly a desk and be buried in paperwork.  While Joe average pilot from the same pilot training class is still happily flying his airplane.

I wonder how these college kids would react if every player on their schools team got to play every position and the same number of minutes?  Imagine the disaster that would be!  This would be solicialism in sports.  It would be fair to all.  There would be no superstar on the team.  I bet there would be a great many failures.  You see kids, your sports team pactices capitalism.  It isn't perfectly fair to each individual.  It does create the best chance of success.

So no system is completely fair.  Some though are greatly unfair.  Those that profess equality result in the greatest failures.

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