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Planned Parenthood, ACORN, And Packing Townhall With Sheila Jackson Lee On Thursday

The following is an excerpt from The Cypress Times: Christian. Conservative. Online. Daily News.

Over 350 Planned Parenthood Supporters RSVP For "Open" Town Hall Meeting

On Thursday, September 3 there will be a Town Hall Meeting on Health Care Reform headlined by Representative Sheila “Not now, I’m on the phone” Jackson Lee, Representative Gene Greene and other elected Democrats from Harris County. Both Planned Parenthood and President Obama’s “Organizing For America –” have sent out notices asking people to attend. There has been heavy news coverage of these public meetings ever since members of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House first began holding Town Halls during their “Summer Break” from Congress. Democrats have been inundated by angry, fed-up, constituents all across the nation at these Town Hall meetings.

Those citizens who have turned out to protest, to exercise their rights as Americans, have been characterized by the Democrats as “mobs” and the Democrats have widely accused the protests and protesters of being “Astro turf” rather than “grassroots”. The Dems have been all over the place accusing the GOP of organizing the protests, no wait, it’s the insurance companies that are doing it – no wait, it’s “other” special interests – no wait, it’s that vast right-wing conspiracy at it again.

The Democratic party, and its leaders from Howard Dean (Chairman of The DNC), to Speaker-of-the-House and wannabe Prime Minister, Nancy Pelosi to Senate Majority Leader Harry (I’m how far behind in the polls?) Reid to President Obama have chosen to “blame” everyone in the phone book for the turnout of protesters at Town Hall meetings. Liberal lover of all the little people, California Senator (“Call me Senator”) Barbara Boxer blew the lid off the conspiracy when she noted that the protesters couldn’t possibly be real because they were well dressed. The horror! Well-dressed people posing as “You” the public.

Read the Rest of the Article and See The Video: HERE

The Cypress Times is looking for a person or person who are attending the 9/12/2009 Rally in D.C. We're seeking individuals who would like to serve as correspondents to this great event. We want your take on the truth. As opposed to what the National Media will be dishing out about this gathering. If interested please email:

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