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Michael LeCornec sent a message to the members of National Nullification of Unconstitutional Federal Actions.

Subject: Progressive Deafness

I've had a few people contact me lately concerning my use of the term “Progressive” when referring to the extreme left wing of both the Democrat and Republican parties. President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and many others are now using this term to describe their political ideology. What does it represent? In a word: Socialism. The progressive movement in the United State was always a move toward Socialism and a redefining of the governmental structure of America. The movement was derailed when the true tenets of the movement were exposed. The term Progressive was replaced with the term Liberal and the movement learned that to succeed, it needed to operate in a “stealth” manner and to “disguise” what it really represents. Now that the true agenda of the term “Liberal” was exposed, they turn again to Progressive to describe themselves.

This Progressive Movement is responsible for moving the US government structure away from a Constitutional Republic into a Democracy and then into Fascism, and now into Socialism with the intent to move us into Transnationalism, the one world government. To achieve the latter the free market system must be destroyed, the banking system restructured under the Central Bank (The FED), and an economic collapse designed to remove this nation (and world) off the dollar standard. Any of this sound familiar yet?

It is no accident that during the “lame duck” period of the Bush Presidency a level 5 crisis needed to be elevated into a Level 10 Catastrophe that needed immediate and dramatic action. This was once stuff of conspiracy theory but now, due to the emergence of a “Perfect Storm” (1) A Marxist President armed with extreme left wing Radicals and unions to “strong arm” elements of our structure to comply with radical change to the very infrastructure of the government; (2) A House of Representatives lead by Marxist Nancy Pelosi, and; (3) A US Senate led by Marxist Harry Reid, both of whom will do whatever needs to be done to “checkmate” the United States into its “Fundamental Transformation.” The Perfect Storm was the opportunity to create a Catastrophic Crisis and put the fundamental transformation of America afoot. Everything was rush-rush because this first term of Obama was designed as the “Check-mate” moves for the “End of Liberty” and the end of the United States as we know it.

Now we see why passing Healthcare is so vital to this movement. The bills contains the fundamental transformation of the United States' Infrastructure for Marxism, Socialism, and Transnationalism. Didn't anyone question why the bill needed to be several thousand pages long? Didn't anyone notice why several thousand “NEW” agencies, structures and departments needed to be created? And why it really “needed” to be hidden from the public, and put together with bribes, kick-backs, back-room deals and secret pacts made in smoke-filled rooms? It was not die to abortion or any of the other lies you've been hearing. To “SELL-OUT” the country for those who do not share the same ideology was going to cost serious money.

Here's what we need to know about it today to restore our nation back to the Constitutional Republic we were created and destined to be:

Democrat Progressive = Marxism/Socialism
Republican Progressive = Fascism

It should be clear to us now why there CANNOT BE ANY HEALTHCARE REFORM.

The Massachusetts Earthquake on Tuesday the 19th was a REVOLT and a call for NO HEALTHCARE.

This Congress CANNOT BE TRUSTED to “tweak” the system and restore sanity to exuberant costs.

Now that we know what this 111th Congress is about, we need to be vigilant is seeing no more bills get signed into law. They are attacking every element of the Constitution, every element of Liberty.

What should be the role of Congress moving forward?

Congressional Hearings to expose the evil agenda and consequences to ALL those complicit. Violating the Oath of Office to uphold and defend the US Constitution is a “High Crime” that MUST have consequences.
Remove the Radical Obama Czars
Return of all TARP and Stimulus money to the Treasury (not a slush fund for more reckless spending)
NO increasing to the debt ceiling: we must cut excessive and reckless government programs that are sucking the life out of this nation
Rescind passed bills that contain a “partial” changes to the Infrastructure
Immediately remove the federal government from its unconstitutional ownership of private companies
Audit the Federal Reserve System, the entity that was responsible for the Great Depression and this current Recession that may still become a Depression.

Fellow Patriots, we have our work cut out for us. A Truth that hurts does not make it a lie. There is much that needs to be done. It's time for us all to get to the work of Restoring Our Constitutional Republic.

God Save The Republic!

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