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By RoseAnn Salanitri

The Democratic Convention has been the focus of this week’s news.  As one would expect, the progressive organization has been doing its best to paint Secretary Clinton in a favorable light, while casting aspersions upon their competition.  This is typical campaign rhetoric and is taken with a grain of salt - all to our discredit.  As a people, we have become numb to the half-truths all politicians speak and the spin that twists reality into unrecognizable knots.  Part of the problem we face is that so many accept campaign speeches from their favored politician without asking the questions that should be obvious.  So, perhaps this writing will serve as a stimulus for their dulled collective consciences. 
The first person that should be questioned is President Bill Clinton, the man who probably is very anxious to once again reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue - for reasons that may be unsuitable to print. In his convention speech, President
Clinton did his best to paint his wife as a compassionate, accomplished person who stole his heart from the moment he first laid eyes on her.   
Really?  So then let’s ask President Clinton this:  If Hillary is the light of your life, then why Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Kathleen Willie, Jennifer Flowers, etc., etc., etc.?  And another question for you, Mr. President:  If our first woman to be a member of the Armed Services Committee was so accomplished, then why is our VA such a mess and in some cases, our veterans dying on line waiting for treatment?  One more thing, Mr. President:  If your wife was such a positive force in foreign affairs, how do you explain Libya, Egypt, Syria and the downfall of Iraq, which President Bush’s surge had experienced success with?   
And Mr. Obama, I have a question for you as well.  In a recent interview, you inferred that President Putin leaked those emails because of his support for Donald Trump?  So, are you really saying that the person or persons who leaked the emails are more important than the person or persons that wrote them?  Do you think that the intentions of one of our country’s major political parties are something that should take a back seat?  If this is what you think, then did you think that the real culprits in President Nixon’s Watergate scandal were the reporters that exposed the activity?  I guess you also think Nixon’s secretary was acting properly when deleting those famous minutes from recordings that may have been convicting?  After all, you have had little to say about Secretary’s Clinton’s deletions, as well as the Democratic Party’s? In the same vein, you provided Executive Privilege for Eric Holder in the Fast and Furious incident and did not prosecute Lois Lerner?  So, do you think that the commission of an act is acceptable but reporting it isn’t. 
And to the Democratic Party, I must ask if you think that four bankruptcies for a man who has created over 500 businesses is a disgrace?  Especially when all the bankruptcies were filed as Chapter 11’s, which means they were re-organizations designed to restructure the businesses in order to keep them from closing their doors and shutting down?  Perhaps you think that in an effort to save the businesses, Trump’s sacrifices that resulted in his selling personal assets, like yachts and planes; significantly reducing his stock holdings; and sacrificing his salary are all indications of a failed persona.  But the real question is that 4 reorganizations out of 500 companies (which is a conservative number) equates to less than 1%.  According to Forbes, the failure rate for startup businesses is
between 80-90%.  So, do you think less of Donald Trump’s business acumen because less than 1% of his business had to reorganize in a downturned economy when 80-90% of other businesses fail on a regular basis? 
Last but certainly not least is the claim by Elizabeth Warren that Mr. Trump was salivating over the potential downturn in the economy.  Have you not heard that smart businessmen sell when stocks are high and buy when they are low?  So don’t you think a good market would also be just as beneficial to Mr. Trump who then had the option of liquidating some of his high earning stocks?  Maybe someone should be asking Senator Warren about her financial portfolio, since she stands in judgment on a multi-billionaire? 
Yes, America.  The Democrats can paint a pretty picture of their nominee and a bleak picture of their competition, but after the hoop la is over, questions need to be asked. And as Bill Clinton said, things need to be squared-up in an effort to discern the truth from political rhetoric and spin. 


Me Here......These are the beginning for me.  I would ask President Clinton the Impeached, why he blamed the GOP for HIS government shut down?  Why do you claim all the credit for the economic recovery when it was the hard work of Speaker Gingrich and Majority Leader Lott?  All you did was finally sign it after fighting a long battle against it that you lost!

I would love to ask Usurper Barry Soetoro to show proof that he legally changed his name back to Obama?

I would love to ask much more.  But you can add yours!

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