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1. Russia to Control Half of U.S. Uranium
Talk show host Glenn Beck has a question: Why is the federal government allowing a state-owned Russian company to gain control of half the uranium mined in the United States?
The uranium company ARMZ, which is wholly owned by the Russian State Corporation for Nuclear Energy, has paid $610 million for control of Uranium One Inc., a Canadian company that owns two uranium mines in Wyoming.
The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the Committee of Foreign Investment in the United States have both approved the deal, which according to the Financial Times could give ARMZ control of more than half of American uranium production.
Beck said on his TV program Monday: “May I ask why are we selling uranium mines to Russia? Two uranium mines in Wyoming are on their way to control by a Russian company. The NRC has OK’d the license transfer to a Russian company. Uranium used in missiles. The name of the company? ARMZ.
“But they are saying now they are not worried at all about Russia’s ARMZ making Russian arms . . .
“Wyoming’s congressional delegation said the uranium could in theory go overseas and serve against U.S. interests. Everyone in Wyoming said don’t do this. And they did it anyway.”
The NRC said Uranium One and ARMZ lack a license to export nuclear fuel, and material from the Wyoming mines must be used in the United States, Bloomberg reported.
But Beck was skeptical, telling listeners the Russian company should be named “We’re Going to Smuggle This Out, Put It Into a Bomb and Blow You Up, Inc.”

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