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Ratigan & Media Attempt to Brand Tea Parties Racist.

As a black proud Tea Party patriot, I am extremely offended by MSNBC TV show host Dylan Ratigan's baseless accusation that the Tea Party Movement (my white brother and sister
fellow patriots) embraces Nazis and racists. Ratigan's attack
epitomizes the liberal media's commitment to protect Obama and his
radical agenda at all costs. They have a genuine disdain for freedom,
capitalism and We The People. No tactic is too low. Ratigan's rant:

While interviewing (really badgering) Mark Williams of the Tea Party Express, outrageously Ratigan attempted to portray the bus tour as a far right hate group
supportive of the killing of blacks and Jews. Well then, what the
heck am I doing on the Tea Party Express tour bus? Did I miss the
“People We Hate” memo? Or perhaps, the organizers hid that memo
from me and other blacks on the tour.

Left wing fanatics such as Ratigan have no shame. Incredibly they will throw the innocent Tea Party patriots under the bus in defense of Obama and his far left radical agenda.

I have traveled across America two times on Tea Party Express tours one and two. It truly angers me to see the wonderful, hard working, decent and color blind white
patriots whom I have met at the tea parties trashed, called Nazis and
racists simply because they oppose the out of control Obama

Ironically, the true character of the tea parties is the opposite of the media's portrayal of them. In Texas, a white cowboy at a tea party approached me pushing a stroller
with two black babies he and his wife who is also white recently
adopted from Africa. The cowboy said they asked God to give them
babies who needed their love the most. The excited dad proudly
proclaimed, “Next week they will become U.S. citizens”.

I can't remember the state where the tea party was held, but I was surrounded by an extremely excited white family of two parents and 15 kids (all home schooled). They
were fans of my articles and music. We took several pictures and
chatted about values. It was a wonderful exchange.

At another tea party at a rodeo arena, again I can not recall the state, a big man well over six feet wearing a big straw hat and a ZZ Top style beard gave me a bear hug
with his vice grip huge arms. Relieved that he liked me, the gentle
giant conveyed his gratitude for all I was doing for our country. He
pulled up one leg of his bib jeans to reveal his wooden leg. He said,
“If Obama care passes, I may have to carve my next new leg”. I
really appreciate what you are doing brother”.

During my travels on the Tea Party Express tours, I was showered with affection, given sentimental gifts and homemade brownies from the folks reported as racist by the
liberal media. In Nevada, a small business owner offered me free dry
cleaning for life. While I appreciated her extremely generous and
sincere offer, shipping my laundry from my home in Florida could be a
bit expensive.

At a number of tea parties across America, I saw signs which read, “Lloyd Marcus for President!” But how could this be? Jeannine Garafolo said the tea party movement
is really about white racists not wanting a black president.

When our tour bus door opened in Memphis, TN, we were greeted by a white woman with a huge tray of bar-b-que spare ribs. She also brought baked beans and cornbread
which she had prepared especially for us, an interracial team of
performers and speakers. Is this the behavior of members of an angry
racist mob? By the way, her spare ribs were outstanding. A close
second to my mom's.

The greatest proof the tea parties are not racist gatherings is the overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic response to my signature opening comment. “Hello my fellow
patriots. I am NOT an African American! I am Lloyd Marcus, AMERICAN!”

The crowds go wild with cheers and even some tears. These patriots
flock to me expressing great gratitude for my stand not to be
hyphenated. Countless times I have heard, “Hyphenating divides
us. We wish to be Americans”.

So there you have it Mr. Ratigan. Do these people sound like an angry racist hate filled mob supportive of the killing of blacks and Jews? I submit that you know they are

You sir are an evil man willing to demean the character of millions of true patriots to prop up your American idol, Barack Hussein Obama. Accusations of the tea parties
being racist are absurd. And yet, the liberal media is relentless in
their attempts to sell their shameful lie. Liberals such as Ratigan
could care less about the devastating effect fueling the flames of
racial hatred is having on American race relations.

Folks, I take the liberal media's accusation of racism against my fellow patriots who are white extremely personal. We patriots share a kinship through our love for
our country. We are family. And you don't allow people to dis your

March 27th in Searchlight, NV we launch Tea Party Express Tour III. For me, the rallies are family reunions. I can't wait to see you.

Lloyd Marcus, (black) Unhyphenated American, singer/songwriter, entertainer, author, artist, and Tea Party patriot

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Comment by Stingray SFO (3% Oath Keeper) on March 6, 2010 at 7:50am
Lloyd, these liberals have one thing in common and it's not liberalism, socialism, communism, nor hate for conservatives! It is TUNNEL VISION that can only be corrected with LOBOTOMIES!
They aren't rational, as the likes of Dylan Ratigan, Kieth Olberman, and so many others have so outrageously displayed on the air! They can't intelligently respond to conservative issues that are brought forth by Patriots, such as Mark Williams, so they resort to their only means of response by calling us racists, terrorists, subversives, and the like, because that's all they know in their own minds from being around their like thinking constituents.

I've run into this within my own family and neighbors. As soon as you mention something they disagree with, they either unleash a tiraid of accusations, or just roll their eyes and look off into the distance! I can't believe there are human beings in my own family that are so closed minded that will not even listen to any factual explanations of the issues, nor even carry on a conversation about them with other family members.
This is what America has come to, we've been divided into many factions, fractured if you will, from within, and we stand to be conquered as a result. We conservative Patriots are not the racists. We are called that by the racists, those who hate their own!
I'm proud that you are one of my friends, and I would very much like to meet you one day, but my finances being what they are don't allow me to travel any longer. If you ever get to the heartland of southeast Oklahoma, in the Lake Eufaula area, I will be there, along with my Native American wife, and many others that know you by your soul!
May God and the Spirits continue to shine upon you and guide you through your journey of life!

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