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"...what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it

On the Democrat side it is easy.  It is a one horse race with just the most corrupt Hillary Clinton winning.  What about Bernie Sanders you ask?  He is already history.  He will be disqualified for not being a Democrat.  He has for years ran as an Independent.  The head of the Democrat Party, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, a Hillary loyalist will act if needed on this.  Hillary if nothing else is ruthless.  She will win the nomination at any cost.  O'Malley, the closest to a centrist is going no where.

Some will question will Hillary face charges for her many crimes.  The answer is a clear no.  Our INjustice Department will see to it that no matter how severe the crimes the FBI finds, no charges will be brought.  The FBI can only investigate.  It can not bring charges.  The INjustice Department has to empanel and Grand Jury for charges to be brought against Hillary.  Lynch will not allow that to happen.  (Side note.  In my military service, I handled a great deal of Secret and Top Secret material.  I could never have gotten away with such conduct.)

The Republican side is interesting.  All are nearly infinitely better than Hillary.

Cruz and Rubio are NOT Natural Born Citizens since both parents were not US Citizens when they were born.  So they, like our current Usurper, Barry Soetoro are banned from being President.  Hillary is very aware of this and if nominated, will have either disqualified in the Electoral College like Barry should have been.  Remember Hillary was the first to point out in 2008 that Barry was not a Natural Born Citizen.  So with either Cruz or Rubio the voting won't matter.  Like I said Hillary is complete ruthless.  She go against a huge landslide and push for disqualification to gain the White House.

Trump is interesting.  He is a leader there is no doubt there.  He is by a bit the best at knowing business.  He should be able to get he economy going again from the 8 year Barry recession.  The question is where will he lead?  His views in the past have been all over the place.  He has been both extremely liberal and conservative.  Trump is a deal maker.  The question is what deals to get what he wants?  Mr. Trump is questionable on being a Constitutionalist.  His support for emanate domain and other issues that will turn off the part of the base that wants a Constitutionally limited Federal Government.  So I rate Mr. Trump as a charismatic unknown.  I think Mr. Trump can beat Hillary.  The question is still where will Mr. Trump lead?

I like Doctor Carson.  He is a quiet, smart, leader.  He impresses me as a Teddy Roosevelt style, talk softly and carry a big stick.  He has with out any doubt the best grasp as to the problems with Health Care.  While his knowledge on some issues is less than one would want, I am sure he is a fast learner.  The question is could he defeat Hillary.  I think his quietness will beat Hillary's shrillness.

Jeb Bush I am sure is a nice guy.  But he is clearly establishment.  We don't need a third Bush in the White House.  Even with all the big money behind him, Jeb is going nowhere.  The base doesn't want him.  So he would lose big.

Governor Huckabee has the best tax plan, the Fair Tax.  He is very knowledgeable on the issues.  Sadly he has not gained any traction in the polls.  He may well be the best at being President.  This is our loss.

Governor Kasich is a darned good Governor of Ohio.  His record as a conservative has blemishes. He also leans too much to the establishment side.  So the base would have a hard time rallying to him.  So it is doubtful he could win in November.

Governor Christie stand on many issues are not conservative.  He has problems with the 2nd amendment.  He will be dogged about various scandals that happened in New Jersey.  I think he would lose to Hillary as the base will stay home.

Senator Paul is good on many issues.  Maybe too good.  His largest problem is foreign policy.  His view of an isolationist America is a disaster.  He would be crushed by Hillary as his views excite few and turn off many.

Carly Fiorina rate second only to Trump in knowledge of business.  But Hillary will be able to trash Carly with her record a Hewlett Packard even though much isn't the truth.  She would make a good person in the cabinet though.

Jim Gilmore and Rick Santorum are too far behind to even rate.  They are already effectively out of the race.

Now a wild card maybe in play, Mayor Bloomberg of New York City.  If he gets in the race as an Independent, Hillary will have trouble with any in the GOP field except Cruz and Rubio.

So this is my view of the race so far.



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