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Ruminations of Then, Now, and Tomorrow (Part 1)

With the rapidity of political developments that are changing the landscape of this country, I find my mind is working overtime in many different directions. This gives rise to the need to start writing them out, to get them out of my mind and bring some surcease to the turmoil that festers within. Indulge me as I meander. I am sure you will see some of your thoughts reflected here as well.

Watching Juan Williams on Fox News started this latest cerebral maelstrom. Juan Williams voted for Obama. He is a Democrat. I respect him. I may only agree with his conclusions about 20% of the time, but it amazes me I can find agreement with a Democrat at all....ever! Reflecting upon this it occurred to me that he represents precisely what we expect from our 2 parties! We are not getting anything remotely close to a Juan Williams.

Why do I respect him? Because he gives thoughtful consideration to an opposing view. He does not just regurgitate party-line rhetoric like some mindless Obama-Tron. He has often changed his initial position after reflecting upon evidence presented that may have been contrary to his initial thoughts. His mind remains permeable. Isn't this what we want from our Leaders?

For the last year I have watched C-Span, seeing the 2 parties discuss various issues. There is no intellectual inquiry. There is no reasoned consideration. I have seen Republicans literally beg Democrats to look at the facts, to respond to the facts, to address things that should be deemed as very real and legitimate concerns. I watch as Democrats respond as if no question or fact were presented if they have only a desire to continue to spew party-line rhetoric into the air, thereby thinking that the repetition of words will strengthen their meaning and succeed in overcoming all evidence that may exist to the contrary. There is no intellectual discourse! There is no discussion. There is only heavy-handed opposition coupled with empty-headed confrontation. Beliefs and Truth are in no way related to one another, in fact, the harder one clings to a belief, the more Truth will elude them. A mind that is tethered to a post makes a very short journey! Yet, all we see is the battle of ideologies. Is this what we want? I wonder if our leaders are truly this mentally obtuse, or is there perhaps a more insidious meaning behind all we see? Is it possible they merely put on a public display of ideological contentiousness to deflect us from discovering that they are really operating in collusion with one another to obtain a single goal that both parties seek? I don't know. Either they are idiots or they are pure Evil. Either possibility disgusts me.

Our leaders are debating issues that are important to America with the same cluelessness as we encounter in our real lives when we try to talk to some pimple-faced Twinkie addict who spends his day sitting around on his big fat white muffin ass with a gaming controller in hand while his sugar-induced febrile mind dreams of all he is entitled too. Tell a Liberal that we have some reservations about how Health Reform is being initiated and they come back at you with some empty headed response akin to: "so you want to kill 45 million people?" I cannot help but wonder why it is that when some Liberal says cow methane gases are destroying the environment that they continue to pollute America with so much bullshit.

I did some research a while back in preparation to having dinner with some Liberal friends. It was interesting to note that since the inception of the United States, we have invented 513 things that literally have changed the world. Important things, such as the automobile, or the airplane, or the computer. I am not speaking of meaningless things like bubble gum and hot dogs; but rather; globally significant things. In the entire history of Russia, they have invented 37 things, and really only 1 thing that globally made a significant impact on some aspect of the world; The Periodic Table. The Periodic Table was not some global commercial success that radically transformed how people lived their lives, but it was a significant contribution to science. Similarly, France in its entire history had invented 136 things, but then again, nothing on the scale of what America has contributed to the world. Isn't it amazing that America could produce so much in such a short period of time?

I brought this little gem of information to light when we started talking politics. It was a preface I was going to use to delve into some deeper issues, such as Capitalism versus Socialism. History bears witness to the fact that the more oppressive the regime, the less they have contributed to the welfare of Society. But, in the typical Liberal fashion my remark was immediately met with an oppositional and irrational argument. They said: "Yes, that may be true, but most of these things were invented by immigrants". So now, we are immediately off-topic, as the glaring fact that reveals the stupidity of his remark is glossed over. Although it may be true that indeed many of America's inventions came from immigrants, the more compelling fact is why did they all immigrate here? Why was 500 years of living 'over there' pretty much non-productive, and the following 200 years of life in America resplendent with creative invention? Great minds existed all over the world, but they did not do really great things until they got to America, the country that gave the freedom to unleash individual creative expression! Don't we want to preserve the right of creative expression? Should we not uplift the human spirit and seek to ignite it to greater achievement?

I am sickened to constantly hear the lies and hypocrisy of the Obama administration. Every day I hear Obama bashing insurance companies and big pharma, proclaiming his health care bill will finally make these companies tow the line. Really? Then why is it that the insurance companies and big pharma poured millions of dollars into lobbying for his health care reform? Because they are making out like bandits as they rob the American people of their choices while raising the prices on their products and services. The insurance companies profit by streamlining their choices, by offering essentially a "one-plan-fits-all" policy that has nothing at all to do with an individual's health, while being assured greater profits by virtue of the fact that everyone has to pay. Their enrollment goes up, while the divergency of their service goes down. Big Pharma really makes out, inasmuch the health care bill is going to levy heavy taxes against homeopathic and natural over-the-counter health supplements that have been deemed as viable alternatives for maintaining healthy bodies. Those that cannot be driven out of business this way, will have the requirement of being deemed prescriptive medicines. Big Pharma will consume this market, while getting guarantees of inflating their prices.

Some people may be comforted with the knowledge that they have a life plan. The bad news though, to most of us, is that our life plan is being planned by someone else! I fear that within 50 years this country will look exactly like the old Soviet Union. Why? Well, it does not take a genius to put the pieces together and extrapolate the only possible conclusions one could glean from the evidence.

To understand our future we must first be aware of our past. In 1992 G.H. Bush signed the United States into the United Nations protocol entitled: 'Agenda 21-A Programme of Implementation' Agenda 21 has a mission statement that reads: Social Equity, Biological Equity, and Judicial Equity. As Glenn Beck has been discussing all this week, the Liberals have been using the words Social Justice whenever they can. Agenda 21 is a forty chapter book that is a blueprint for changing the world as we know it. To summarize Agenda 21 in a nutshell, it is a blueprint that outlines how government will have control over your health, your finances, your mobility, your house, your land, and basically all aspects of your life. Bear with me as I dig around a bit in our recent past.

Although Progressives have been consumed with this notion of Social Equity for some time now, they really reached the pinnacle of their desired agenda when the wonderful people at the Club of Rome put it all together in their widely published book entitled: 'The First Global Revolution'. Within this book the idea on how to bring about cooperative transformation was outlined:

The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself." (which means that the real solution is Government intervention and control)

Here are some links to various Club of Rome websites. To understand Obama and the future of our country, one really should be aware of this entity and of Agenda 21 Protocols that were the outcome of their think-tank. The last link below is one that exposes the membership, their publications, and their is a must view link!

Club of Rome

Club of Rome Publications

The Green Agenda

From the Club of Rome think-tank came the Earth Charter Initiative. An excerpt follows:

"The Earth Charter Initiative reflects the conviction that a radical change in humanity's attitudes is essential to achieve social, economic, and ecological well-being in the 21st century."

The Earth Charter Initiative was accepted by UNESCO as the fundamental curriculum for education reform and indoctrination of our children into a global citizenship and stewardship of our poor climate change ridden planet. G.W. Bush signed us up for this UNESCO program in 2000.

The world's leading authority on climate change (Al Gore, who also happens to be the venerated inventor of the internet) bursts upon the scene and makes a big splash in 1991 at the Rio Earth Summit meeting. Of course Al Gore is not a scientist and has never conducted a scientific study in his life, but this fact seemed to escape most people! Al Gore is one of the 100 seated members of the Club of Rome though. They did not discover global warming, their think-tank conceived it as a political agenda! At the Rio Earth Summit the fear of death by eco-strangulation was hatched in the minds of the public, so that our behaviors and attitudes could be manipulated into acceptance of the radical transformation that needed to take place. Following the theoretical introduction of global warming to the public, the practical program of what to do about it was born: Agenda 21, which was signed into acceptance by G.H. Bush in 1992. By simply looking at the 40 chapter titles, one can easily discern where Health Care Reform, Cap and Trade, Employees's Free Choice Act, government take-overs of business, etc; and all current political legislative machinations have their ontological roots. It is important to remember that this was signed by Bush 42, then handed over to Clinton; who expanded upon it initiating The President's Council of Sustainable Development and his blueprint for 'Smart Growth'; then handed it down to Bush 44 who singed us up for the re-education of our youth, and then all the pre-packaged legislation that was ready to go was given to Obama to finally nail it all down. Obama is merely the hammer-head at the end of long stick. It is a continuum of corruption that has been passed down with full knowledge and apparently back-room bipartisan cooperation.

Now let's take a look at 'what-is', those things that are in-place or soon to be in-place from this current Administration. From the current understandings, I will extrapolate a line of thought that predicts the future as well.

Health Care Reform: In general, this is a major boon for big business for some of the reasons outlined previously. It also immediately creates another 16,700 government jobs as IRS agents are called to duty in order to audit every American and insure compliancy to the mandate of coverage. How many hundreds of thousands of additional government jobs will need to be created to run the 112 agencies that are to be created to administrate this Health Care System?

It is important to bear in mind that 647 billion dollars was budgeted for a Federal Central Computer System to centralize all medical records. Naturally this was touted as efficiency. Currently 2,700 pages of health care reform language has been passed into law. This language is nothing more than an unread framework of laws that outline how to regulate and control. No one actually knows how to make it work or even if it will work; and certainly no one has even bothered to consider the consequences in any meaningful comprehensive fashion. Liberals just love the idea of reform, and the pesky logistics can be figured out later! It is of no surprise though that most of the aspects of 'power' and 'control' have been elucidated in great detail!

Unknown to most people is the fact that a previously well-known company to anyone that has ever been on the internet would recognize (Veri-Sign) recently changed their name to Positive ID, Inc. They have the only FDA approved device to be inserted into the human body which can contain all your financial and health information. Their stock is traded on the NYSE (PSID). Can you envision that sometime in the near future that all citizens will be required to have such a chip implanted in their body? I can predict the rhetoric that will be used already, and I know the Liberals will ultimately be begging to have such a device as they drink the kool-aide that numbs their minds. "There is currently 8 billion dollars lost in this country due to Identity thief, and this device effectively eliminates this plight upon the decent hard-working citizens of this great country". "This device insures that those that do not belong in this country, cannot operate in this country. It is about time that the good American people can feel totally secure within the borders of their own country without the threat of unwanted terrorists." "Imagine how you can live freely with the knowledge that if some metabolic anomaly should arise within you, that this can be instantly detected by our systems and an alert sent to you to get to your nearest medical facility as quickly as possible". Blah blah blah. It will be an easy sell. Will this happen? You can bet on it. PSID recently developed an in-vitro glucose level detection system for monitoring diabetes patients. Certainly this is not a bad thing, but you can bet your ass they will not be touting how they can totally enslave you and force your compliancy as you are herded into a State run system where only obedience is accepted.

Education: As we are all aware, Education was a big part of the health care bill. Private enterprises will no longer be able to issue student loans...(all except one based in Chicago, of course). It is estimated that this will create 35,000 people to be unemployed. I suppose a nice comfy seat awaits them in Washington somewhere. Can we conceive of the possibility that in order to be granted a student loan that certain government prescribed curriculum need to be completed? Is there any possibility of cronyism, which will determine who might get ahead in life, and who will be left behind? Hmmm. I wonder. Are you a friend of the State, or are you one of those that has independent thoughts that may run counter to that which we wish you to think? Isn't this how the Soviet Union worked? Is it possible here? Remember, the role of government and education is to create a radical change in the thoughts and behaviors of the people. Whose thoughts? What behaviors? If you have the power, then you can dictate what thoughts and behaviors are acceptable ones.

(part 1 of 2-continued)

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