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Ruminations upon Then, Now, and Tomorrow (part 2)

Cap and Trade: This gem of a bill has vast-reaching consequences that will radically alter our lives once fully implemented; it is hard to even know where to begin. Under the doctrines outlined within Agenda 21 it must be understood that many things are deemed to be unsustainable, and this list is quite extensive. For the purposes of explaining Cap and Trade, I will limit expounding upon this only to how it pertains to this Bill. Single family homes are deemed unsustainable. Private transportation is deemed as unsustainable. Current consumption and production patterns are deemed to be unsustainable. The list goes on and on.

As we look about us we see economic chaos. Nothing that is coming out of Washington makes any sense when weighed against a logical paradigm of sovereign economic survival. Perhaps the intent is not to survive, but rather, to collapse our country and usher in a radically altered new age. Is there any other possible explanation when we consider all the evidence? We must remember that the Club of Rome is made up entirely of Globalists whom dream of a One World Government. We must bear in mind that G.H. signed us into their final product entitled Agenda 21. One thing that we all know is that our current debt rate is unsustainable! If this is true, then what will the outcome be?

It is interesting to note that Al Gore and other members from the Club of Rome started a hedge fund that is traded under the symbol of CCX. It is a hedge fund that deals in 'carbon credits', and recent speculation states that Al Gore has increased his income by 3,000% since it's inception. How does this all relate to Cap and Trade?

Cap and Trade is exactly what it says, to cap carbon production and trade (or sell) surpluses that you might accumulate for your good behavior and civic responsibility. Well, that doesn't sound so bad really, because we see Cap and Trade advertised with a backdrop of huge commercial refineries that have smoke stacks billowing all that nasty carbon into the atmosphere, and we think it is a problem that resides 'out there' and does not really affect us. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

Cap and Trade will also regulate your life. The Federal Government will dictate how your house must be "green". You will not be able to sell your home without a license, and you cannot get that license until some Federal bureaucrat has inspected your home and deemed it eco-friendly enough to be re-sold. In most parts of the country it is estimated that the retro-fitting of homes will cost between $12,000-$40,000 each. That may be a tough nut to crack, especially when we consider that if you are not currently unemployed, chances are you are struggling, and at a minimum, certainly you are financially concerned in these times of uncertainty.

Other aspects of Cap and Trade will dictate how you get to live within your own home. You like your house to be 70 degrees? Tough. You like to run your heater and have your house nice and toasty during the winter months? Tough. The average household uses 100/gals per day of water. Would you like to take a shower today? Tough. Your household will be allowed to use only 26/gals per day.

The control that Cap and Trade will have over your life reads like an Edgar Allen Poe novel. If your home is not compliant to new Federal regulations, you will be fined. If you do not get yourself into compliancy within a certain time-frame, you house will be liened and have it taken from you. All of this has already been conceived and is well documented in writings from the Club of Rome, into Agenda 21, and in President Clinton's smart growth manifesto.

You may scream that the Government has no right to do this! Really? Ever hear of eminent domain? Rather than pick apart all the nuances of this massive Bill, let's consider it in the broader context of 'yesterday' and 'tomorrow'. Also we must understand that Cap and Trade is not some stand-alone piece of regulatory legislation. The USDA, EPA, FDA, and many other government agencies are going to be given greatly enhanced enumerated powers that will give government control over our food, our water, our air, our transportation, and pretty much anything else you might be able to think of.

Health Care was the first step in what I see as a 5-part process. Health Care is the 'body grab'. Cap and Trade is the 'land grab'. Economic chaos is the 'industry grab'. The EFCA will be the 'employment grab'. Amnesty will be the 'perpetual power grab'. But, I digress. To understand Cap and Trade, we have to step back and consider the big picture.

Rolled into Agenda 21 were the covenants of the previously signed Biodiversity Treaty. Inasmuch all of this equates to Social, Biological, and Judicial Equity, Cap and Trade is just another aspect that will help re-structure America in accordance to a big scheme that has already been approved and is currently set into motion. Remember I said that ultimately how we live and where we live will soon ensue. Enclosed is the re-distribution of population as agreed upon by the Biodiversity Treaty and Agenda 21.

This map is a bit difficult to read, but pay close attention to the legend on the left hand side. Where we get to live is going to be vastly restricted as the government continues to grab our land and shuffle us around towards their end result. Notice also that circling all population centers are military bases.

Currently the Government has taken over 940,000,000 sq. acres of our land. Underway is a grab for another 146,000,000 sq. acres under the Wildlands Project (such as getting people out of the San Joaquin Valley so the smelt can live blissfully without fear). It is also interesting to note that the Government is controlling all the land that contains all our rich resources; minerals, oil, water, and farmland. We get to keep desert and dirty urban snow.

Cap and Trade opens the door to allow all these other agencies to flood in, and when viewed in conjunction with other legislation the big picture begins to emerge. It is hard to limit this aspect of the discussion soley to Cap and Trade, for ultimately the Health Care Reform bill will restrict and control our diet, the FDA and USDA will control our food and water supply, and the intrusion into our lives goes on and on.

Employees Free Choice Act: This is the Bill that will unionize every company in this country that has 3 or more employees without benefit of a vote for unionization. It will be under Federal regulation. In the future, everyone will either work for the government directly, or be told HOW to work by the Government and Unions.

We all notice that the Obama administration isn't doing diddlysquat for small business and we wonder why. The plan for Globalization has no provisions for small business, only multi-national corporations and only those that have chosen to cooperate with the Government. What's in it for them? The whole idea is a re-distribution of wealth. If everyone is taken care of by the Government, everyone will have a nice eco-friendly habitat, they will be provided for in return for their cooperation and efforts, they will have a cool bicycle (hopefully designed by Pininfarina and done in bright red, but I won't hold my breath on that hope), and a little bit of disposable income left over so EVERYONE can be a consumer! Right now there are over 5 billion people that can't afford to be consumers. Imagine how rich the elite and multi-nationals can become once everyone is a consumer. It's all about money and power. It always is.

Amnesty: Obama wants to secure his dream of Emperor for Life, as the figurehead, the Global Supreme Big Kahuna. He wants to restore voting rights to 11 million felons and he wants to give amnesty to between 12-25 million illegal inhabitants. He wants their vote. Simple. This perpetuates his power. George Soros is helping him in the 2012 elections by trying now to embed his people into positions as Secretary of State in each state. They have control over the election process.

What to Do: The single most important thing facing America right now is the 2010 election. If we do not restore the House and Senate, we are irreversibly doomed. Period. Although my information herein is very superficial, I hope it has succeeded in providing enough information to help you extrapolate a big picture or to dig more deeply yourself into these things.

Grassroots organizations are vetting our future candidates. Predominately they are vetting them in regards to their policies. I believe that it is more important to begin vetting them in regards to their stance and ideas about government reform. We need leaders that are cognizant of how our political system has been thoroughly corrupted to the point that it even allowed an abomination like Obama to hold office. I can think of only a very few people I'd consider for re-election, and they are as follows:

John Boehner, John Thune, Judd Gregg, Michelle Bachmann, Paul Ryan, Tom Coburn, Darrell Issa, Jim DeMint, Chuck Grassley, Eric Cantor, and possibly 1 or 2 more I have overlooked. My personal list is subject to change IF they are not hot to trot for reform. I also have great reservations in regards to even those on my list, because I have never heard a single one of them speak out and reveal to the American people what is really going on. Have you ever heard Agenda 21 mentioned by anyone? I met with Newt Gingrich a few weeks back and asked him about Agenda 21. He looked me straight in the eye and said.."what's that, I never heard of it". There is nothing that Newt Gingrich is not aware of, and if he could look me in the eye and lie with such a straight face, I place only a modicum of hope in the aforementioned incumbents. So long as I am dreaming (and dreams aren't taxable as yet), some of my ideas in regards to government reform would be as follows:

  1. First and foremost put the question of Obama's eligibility to rest by making public his records. If it turns out he was ineligible to hold the Presidency, all laws signed by him are automatically repealed, AND, (as a bonus), Nancy Pelosi goes to jail for falsely certifying his eligibility. (told ya I was dreaming!)
  2. The RNC and the DNC have to be abolished. This gives rise to politicians having to do the bidding of the Party, inasmuch that they control the purse strings and have too much control over election processes.
  3. Term Limits must be instituted. This applies to the Supreme Court as well. It is ludicrous that 1/3 of our system is beyond the control of the people, and that the deck can be stacked in a Parties favor simply by embedding one of their own into the Supreme Court where they sit until they rot. They don't even have the common decency to retire when their minds have departed from their bodies years ago.
  4. Campaign contributions can only come from personal donations. Donations cannot exceed more than $2,500. Unions, Corporations, and aggregated contributions need to be forbidden. Each contribution must be accompanied by a copy of a completed individual tax form to prove legitimacy.
  5. Lobbying is permitted to vocalize a particular desire, but bribery (the exchange of money) should be strictly forbidden and carry a penalty as a Felony with mandatory jail time. Without lobbying reform, political corruption can never change.

This list can go on and on as well, but then begins to spill over to 'policy', so I will end it there. I will be compiling from all the different sites an overview of who the grassroots are endorsing for 2010. Then we all must unify and get 100% behind each chosen candidate. We cannot afford to lose a single vote because we have divisiveness among ourselves. We also must WORK. Regardless what state we live in, we need to take time and make calls on behalf of other candidates from other states. Of major importance is California. We also need to get rid of Chuck Schumer, Barney Frank, Steny Hoyer, and Harry Reid. With our concerted efforts, we can restore our republic.

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