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Today I was watching the committee vote on Judge Gorsuch.  The speeches before the vote were between interesting and sickening.  Never in the history has a Supreme Court has such extreme partisanship been shown.

Minority Leader Schumer has picked a fight he never should.  This is the wrong battle at the wrong time, for the wrong purpose.  Senator Schumer is about to become a fellow Michigander, General George Armstrong Custer at the Little Big Horn.

Senator Schumer has to know that is a fight he will lose.  He strongly risks becoming a “Chicken Little”.  This constant yelling of “the sky is falling” with everything President Trump wants will come back to bite him in the rear.  Then Senator Schumer will be all but powerless in the future to reasonably abject when President Trump is seriously wrong.

Face it Senator, what are you going to do when no one listens to you?  What are you going to do when the camera people and reporters are no longer interested in you?  What are you going to do then?  You seem to only live for the moments when a gross of cameras are focused on you.

Senator, you are leading your party to the Little Big Horn.  That did not end well for General Custer.  This battle will not end well for you.

Senator, you have expended a lot of ammunition opposing President Trump at every turn.  As a military person, I have learned the importance of conserving ammunition in battle.  Instead of picking a target and firing accurately, you have been as we say, “spraying and praying”.  It is a great way to expend ammo, but very poor for hitting anything!  A Soldier is nothing but a target when out of ammo.  What are you going to be when this happens to you?  Can you stand being a person like the rest of us?

Senator, an Associate Justice Gorsuch is only going to restore the Supreme Court to the way it was.  There will be no great change in the court.  With all the ammo you have been expending to date, what are you going to do should a liberal member leave the Supreme Court and President Trump names a very conservative to the court?  After all this will you have anything left for this fight?  The members of your party should wonder about that.  Will anyone be left to listen to you?  Will they even follow you?  Why should they? 

Senator, think about it.  There is still time to not go to the Little Big Horn. 

This is just a little advice from a retired National Guard Soldier.


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