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Shocking Photos from the VA Reveal How They Treat Their Elderly Patients

Is this how we treat our veterans? No, it shouldn’t be anyway. People are outraged over these photos, as they should be. Are you?

Disturbing photos taken inside a Veterans Administration hospital have emerged on social media showing an elderly patient laying on the floor and another apparently doubled over with pain in a wheelchair.

The unsettling images were taken by former US Marine Stephen McMenamin and his wife, Hanna, and posted on Facebook.

The shocking images sparked fury online and triggered an internal investigation at the hospital in Durham, North Carolina.

The head of the medical center says an employee involved in Friday’s incident has been removed from patient care pending the results of the internal review.

Mr McMenamin arrived at the hospital with his wife on Friday seeking treatment for severe lower back pain and claimed to have witnessed two veterans who were struggling in the waiting room.

Heart-rending: Hanna McMenamin snapped this image at the Durham VA hospital in North Carolina showing a patient stretched out on the floor of the waiting room on Friday 

A short time before he ended up on the floor, the senior in a protective mask arrived at the hospital unable to breathe or walk

McMenamin also photographed another patient, later identified as Vietnam War veteran Jesse Lee, writhing in pain in his wheelchair. In the photo, his face is obscured to protect his privacy

The husband and wife said both older men were ignored for hours despite complaining of severe pain. They said one practically fell out of his wheelchair, and the other finally lay down on the floor after being denied a place to rest.

Jesse Lee, a Vietnam veteran, told WRAL-TV that he’s the man in the wheelchair seen in McMenamin’s photo. He said he went to the VA for severe phantom pains after a leg amputation.

‘Somebody in real bad pain should be seen,’ Lee said. ‘It felt like a railroad spike was going through my foot. It’s like one of the worst pains you’ve ever felt in your life.’

Me Here.....This makes me sick!  Heck, the VA itself is sick!
Why do I have a feeling that with the union at the VA, the person in question will be promoted instead of fired for gross misconduct!
This is just one reason why the VA must be privatized.  Or at a minimum, all Veterans should have the choice for local care. 
I have to wonder how far these Veterans had to travel to get to this VA facility?  How many civilian hospitals did they go past to get there?
President Trump, while you are draining the Barry Death Care Swamp, do what is right here!  This swamp is next door and needs draining even more!

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Comment by Chalice on March 7, 2017 at 5:48pm

These pictures are heartbreaking to see, imagine what it was like to live it!

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