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Remember how Donald Trump was grilled repeatedly about his willingness to accept the results of the 2016 presidential election?

Well, it turns out a little more attention should have been directed Hillary Clinton’s way.

The Democratic Party nominee has joined a recount effort spearheaded by Green Party candidate Jill Stein in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, states all won by Trump.

Trump called it a “ridiculous” effort.

“What a pack of sore losers,” said Kellyanne Conway, who was Trump’s campaign manager and is now a senior adviser. “After asking Mr. Trump and his team a million times on the trail, ‘Will HE accept the election results?’ it turns out Team Hillary and their new BFF Jill Stein can’t accept reality.”

As for the Clinton role in the recount, her campaign lawyer, Marc Elias, said the campaign’s participation is “to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides.” He added that he doesn’t expect the action to overturn Trump’s election.

“The people have spoken and the election is over, and as Hillary Clinton herself said on election night, in addition to her conceding by congratulating me, ‘We must accept this result and then look to the future,'” Trump said in a statement.

Trump noted he had won 306 electoral votes on Nov. 8, to Clinton’s 232, the best showing for a Republican since 1988, and the most counties since 1984.

“This recount is just a way for Jill Stein, who received less than one percent of the vote overall and wasn’t even on the ballot in many states, to fill her coffers with money, most of which she will never even spend on this ridiculous recount,” he said. “All three states were won by large numbers of voters, especially Pennsylvania, which was won by more than 70,000 votes.”

Stein said on her website that she’s raised more than $5.9 million for her recount effort so far, with a $7 million goal. The funds raised so far will cover costs in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, she said.

“This is a scam by the Green Party for an election that has already been conceded, and the results of this election should be respected instead of being challenged and abused, which is exactly what Jill Stein is doing,” Trump added.

A bigger question not mentioned by the Trump camp is where those funds came from.

Her campaign spent less than $5 million on her bid for the presidency in which she got less than 1 percent of the vote.

Me Here.....Where is the money coming from?  Is this laundered money from the NAZI George Soros?  That wouldn't surprise me.  He bet huge that Hillary would win and our economy would tank.  He stands to lose a lot of money right now.

We know that Hillary and the Democrats will not hesitate to break the law to steal the election if at all possible.  To them laws are only for Republicans.  They have been allowed for too long to get away with lawlessness.

We can only hope that this attempted theft fails.  But they do have the ruthlessness to do it.

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