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Statewide PowWow Follow Up - Congratulations Michigan Patriots!

Michigan Patriots,

Thank YOU all for making the Statewide Grassroots "Taking the Field" PowWow a GREAT Success!
The energy in the room that day can still be felt all around the state.  The grassroots movement in Michigan is on fire and it was great to have C4L, TEA Party, and other Liberty groups all represented in one room!
I just received an email from Greg Fettig from FreedomWorks and he said "I wanted to follow up and commend you on a job well done with the PowWow. Michigan has a strong movement and among the most advanced that I have seen.  I spoke with many fine activists and hope to retain those connections."
Diana Reimer from Tea Party Patriots said "Congratulations on a very well attended, well organized event on Saturday at the Michigan State Wide POW WOW.  Everything was very well done.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak"
For those of you who missed it or would like to contact the speakers, their emails are posted below.  Please feel free to email Cindy, Tony, or David to let us know what your favorite parts of the PowWow were and suggestions of how we can make the next one even better.
Here is a link to Keynote Speaker Emery McClendon's speech on Taking the Field:
There was a lot of positive feedback regarding the opening slideshow, you can view it here:  The song for the slideshow is by Warren Barfield called, "The Time is Now", and it is available on iTunes.
To see more videos form the PowWow visit and they will be posted as they are edited and ready.
During the PowWow an unofficial straw poll was taken to get the pulse of the grassroots on some of the races.  C4L was not involved in the straw poll in any way and it is not considered scientific or binding. The results were announced at the end, however, the LG race was incorrectly announced that Lt. Governor Calley received 41 votes when he had only received 4.  The final results of the straw poll are posted below.
Special thanks to David Wells for stepping up and doing a great job as facilities coordinator, Eric Nowakowski for running all of our tech, Amy Nasir for putting together the flyers and programs, and everyone who helped with registration who did a tremendous job of getting hundreds of people through the doors in about 30 minutes!  Also to everyone who came early that morning for room set up and to all of you who just pitched in wherever you could!  
One thing is certain, we couldn't have done this without each other! Many have already asked if there will be another one next year.  Yes, we plan to continue doing what we can to strengthen and cultivate the grassroots in Michigan!  Stay posted for a future spring PowWow date!
Firmly Resolved for Liberty,
Cindy Gamrat, Plainwell Patriots
Tony DeMott, State Coordinator Michigan Campaign for Liberty
David Dudenhoefer, Michigan Campaign for Liberty Deputy State Coordinator
Speaker's Emails
Dave Agema - Part Time Legislature Ballot Initiative -
Randy Bishop - Engaging the Youth -
Moe Shuman - Reaching the Youth -
Tony DeMott - Real Nature of Politics -
Douglas Davis Jr. - Impacting Your County -
David Dudenhoefer - Precinct Delegate Training -
Marian Sheridan / Vicki Kahle - Supporting Grassroots Candidates -
Todd Courser - 2014 Strategy -
Greg Fettig - FreedomWorks -
Scott Hagerstrom - Americans for Prosperity -
Diana Reimer - Tea Party Patriots -
Sherry Williams - Reaching the Voters -
Cindy Duran - Reaching the Voters -
Tony DeMott and David Dudenhoefer - Constitutional Carry - See contact information above
Gary Glenn - Right to Work Update -
Emery McClendon - Keynote Speaker "Taking the Field" -
Cindy Gamrat - Emcee -
Straw Poll Results
LG (vote for 1)
Courser      86
Nakagiri     52
Calley          4
Undecided  26 
MSU (vote for 2)
Sakwa    114
Foster      104
Inhulsen      6
Schultz       4
Steele      105
Horning      89
Gratz         34
Weiser       13
Wayne State (Vote for 1)
Dudenhoefer    90
Someone else  6
Undecided      40
State Board of Education (Vote for 2)
Kurdys       113
Debacker     67
Russell          7
Undecided   40
Attorney General (Vote for 1)
Schuette         92
Someone else 34
Opinion of Gov. Rick Snyder (Select only 1 option)
Very Unfavor             67
Somewhat Unfavor    33
Somewhat Favor       28
Neutral                     16
Very Favorable           0
No opinion/undecided  0
Me Here..........Thanks Cindy for passing this on to me!

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Comment by Chalice on November 4, 2013 at 6:59am

Very interesting!  I love this!


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