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Urgent message from Rabbi Shifren.

Urgent message from Rabbi Shifren.

Dear friends of Rabbi Shifren

The truth be told: not one Republican seat was won in Los Angeles County. Yet, ONE candidate had the courage to go against the prevailing political correctness and tell patriotic Californians the truth: THAT CANDIDATE WAS RABBI NACHUM SHIFREN.

In his speeches and campaign appearances throughout Southern California, Rabbi Shifren's message never faltered. Over and over again, his patriotic message for a re-birth of our American values of hard work, accountability in our schools, securing our border, and creating jobs through fiscal responsibility, resonated with all he met.

Opposed by a hegemony of Democratic machine activists, SEIU, UTLA, AFL-CIO, and an entrenched incumbent hand-picked by the corrupted Mark Ridley-Thomas, he did not falter and caused a stir in by taking on racism and corruption in our public schools. His hot-button issue of Black achievement gap got him much support in the African American community. Being an inner city teacher for over 22 years, voters knew he was telling the straight story of what will be required to take back our schools and communities.

The veteran L.A. County Supervisor, Michael Antonovich,  had this to say about Rabbi Shifren:

"A dedicated educator and an outspoken advocate for higher standards and accountability, Rabbi Shifren will be a strong leader in the State Senate--fighting for quality public education, enhanced public safety, and job creation through lower taxes and business-friendly public policy." 

The Reverend Jesse Lee Petersen commented:

"If we had 10 more teachers like Rabbi Shifren, we could turn America around tomorrow!"

Rabbi Shifren's vision of California's future was shared by the following leaders and statesmen of our state:

Cong. Dana Rohrabacher
Cong. Tom McClintock
L.A. Co. Supervisor Mike Antonovich
Michelle Steel, Member, Board of Equalization
Lisa Korbatov, Member, Beverly Hills Board of Education
Gun Owners of California
Clif Smith, Publisher, Beverly Hills Courier
Bob Pacheco, Former Calif. Assemblyman
Calif. Sen. Tony Strickland
Calif. Sen. Dennis Hollingsworth
Calif. Assemblyman Chuck Devore
Rev. Jesse Lee Petersen, BOND
California Republican Assembly
Nancy Eisenhart, Chairman, L.A. Co RWF
Jennifer Kim, @#!*% 't Dep. Dist. Attorney, State of California

Your help is urgently needed to help remove the last remaining campaign obligation for Rabbi Shifren's campaign committee.

If each of you can send a $15 contribution to the on-line donation listed below, this is all it will take!! You can do this...this is the best holiday gift you can send!!
We at the campaign committee of Rabbi Shifren are wishing you all a Merry Christmas and joyful, prosperous new year. Blessings to you for your support in this hard-fought campaign for the heart and soul of our state. Rabbi Shifren has pledged to never forget the thousands of well-wishers and supporters, and will be in touch with each of you.

Rabbi Nachum Shifren
California Security Council

Rabbi Nachum Shifren needs your help, please contribute any amount large or small to support his work in fighting for secure borders, protecting our Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic, and preserving our individual rights as free Americans. We are proud supporters of the English Defense League! To contribute to this cause click on the following link:

"If we had 10 more teachers like Rabbi Shifren, we could turn around America tomorrow."....Rev Jesse Lee Petersen




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