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Surprise!!! Boehner Refuses to Stop ObamaCare Funding


Boehner Reduces Cuts to Meager $6 Billion
Refuses to Stop ObamaCare Funding



UPDATE: Speaker John Boehner BETRAYS his base and imperils America, as he somehow whittles the promised $100 billion spending cuts down to an Obama and Harry Reid-compliant, meager $6 billion (CBO says really only $4.7 billion) and allows the $105.5 billion in ObamaCare start-up funds to continue flowing!

This new "bi-partisan" budget Continuing Resolution will only last until April 8, giving TRUE Constitutional Conservatives like Reps. Michele Bachmann & Steve King the chance to rally more patriots to their cause. 54 House Republicans signed the King/Bachmann pledge and kept their promise – properly voting "NO" on any budget bill that does not DEFUND ObamaCare ENTIRELY.

I am Ambassador Alan Keyes of the citizen action group, Declaration Alliance, and I am asking for YOUR help to ensure Congress HEARS AND OBEYS the expressed Will of the People!

More budget bills are on the way. Time is short to Save America! We MUST force those in Congress to do their duty or lose their jobs!

Reps. Michele Bachmann & Steve King are pressing Congress to do its duty by stopping ENTIRELY the UNCONSTITUTIONAL and BUDGET-BUSTING implementation of ObamaCare and revoking the $105.5 billion in "start-up" funds allocated by Nancy Pelosi's treacherous 111th Congress.

Rep. Steve King and Michele Bachmann are standing true to their oath of office and Constitutional conservative principles, and demanding Congress do its sworn duty – DEFUND OBAMACARE. Disappointingly, but not surprisingly, this has been an uphill battle, filled with resistance from old guard, 'go along to get along' Republicans, who seem more afraid of Harry Reid’s name calling, than respectful of the Will and Constitutional Sovereignty of the People.

The fact is, ObamaCare has already been given $105,464,000,000.00 to begin UNCONSTITUTIONAL implementation. Unless that money is cut off now, irrevocably and unequivocally, ObamaCare will be here to stay.

Rep. King has already attempted to insert language into previous bills that would stop this funding. But every time, the old guard Republicans, (like Speaker Boehner), have thwarted the effort to retract the ObamaCare seed money. Rep. Michele Bachmann is to be commended for taking up the cause and bringing this issue more commandingly to the public eye. Now it is up to US to fully engage the fight and flood Congress with demands to STOP ALL OBAMACARE FUNDS NOW!

Below is a copy of the Bachmann/King letter to GOP "Leadership" putting them on notice. I strongly encourage you to join me in ENDORSING THIS LETTER, and faxing a copy to Congress with your signature alongside that of Rep. Steve King and Michele Bachmann. Congress must be told in no uncertain terms that we will not tolerate back door funding and implementation of the devious, destructive and grossly unconstitutional ObamaCare scheme. BETTER THAT TRUE CONSERVATIVES HOLD FAST TO PRINCIPLE AND VOTE 'NO' ON ANY AND ALL BUDGET BILLS UNTIL GOP "LEADERS" HEED WE THE PEOPLES' CALL TO FISCAL AND MORAL RESPONSIBILITY – EVEN IF THERE IS A FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN. DEFUND OBAMACARE FULLY, AS PROMISED! THIS IS THE MANDATE CONGRESS WAS GIVEN IN NOVEMBER 2010, AND THEY ARE OATH AND DUTY BOUND!


Reps. Bachmann and King convincingly write:

Dear Speaker Boehner, Leader Cantor, and Chairman Rogers,

We very much appreciate your leadership in bringing H.R. 2 to the floor, which resulted in a unanimous Republican vote to repeal ObamaCare. This was an essential step in achieving our universal Republican goal to bring about the final, 100 percent repeal of this law. No strategy to accomplish this goal could succeed without this House vote.

From the moment legislation to repeal ObamaCare was first introduced, it has been widely discussed that a successful repeal strategy would center on first winning a Republican majority in the House, then holding a clean, up or down vote on repeal, and then prohibiting funding for the implementation or enforcement of ObamaCare. We must ensure that this strategy remains on track and on schedule.

The success of our effort to shut off funding for ObamaCare will hinge on the leverage points of this first session of the 112th Congress – namely the CR, which expires on March 18th, and the vote on raising the debt ceiling. We recognize the work to defund ObamaCare began with the inclusion of language in H.R. 1 to restrict annual appropriations from being used to implement the law. However, we also recognize that even this language, if enacted, leaves on the table $105.5 billion in automatically appropriated funds for the law's implementation. We cannot successfully defund ObamaCare without shutting off these automatically appropriated funds.

While some have argued that our defunding efforts in the CR should be limited only to those annual funds actually provided by the CR, we disagree. If we do not stand our ground on the CR, leverage it as the "must pass bill" that it is, and use it to stop the $105.5 billion in automatically appropriated funds, ObamaCare will be implemented on our watch. We will also have conceded a significant amount of ground on this issue and will find it difficult, if not impossible, to regain the strategic advantage in future legislative vehicles.

Consequently, we ask that the following language, or more effective language, be added to the FY11 CR to cut off both the annual and automatic appropriations for ObamaCare's implementation: "Notwithstanding any other provision of law, none of the funds made available by this or any previous Act with respect to any fiscal year may be used to carry out the provisions of Public Law 111-148, Public Law 111-152, or any amendment made by either such Public Law."

It is essential that the above language be included in the CR. We, the undersigned, will not vote in support of a continuing resolution that is void of this crucial funding prohibition.


Steve King

Michele Bachmann


Constitutionalists in the Congress MUST be encouraged and empowered... They MUST hear from us that we WILL NOT STAND FOR THEM VOTING FOR ANY LEGISLATION, including Continuing Resolution (CR) budget bills ostensibly "necessary" to avoid Federal government shutdown, if there is included or continued ONE RED CENT of funds for the UNCONSTITUTIONAL, BUDGET-BUSTING, DEATH-DEALING betrayal of our Republic known and rejected by America as ObamaCare.

So join with me in endorsing the Reps. Bachmann and King letter that draws the line!

Keep Faith,

Alan Keyes

If you prefer to send a check, please mail to:
Declaration Alliance PAC
National Processing Center
PO Box 131728
Houston, TX 77219-1728

Declaration Alliance PAC is the official political campaign and ballot initiative arm of the tax-exempt Declaration Alliance.
DA PAC is our federal political action committee advocating for the candidates and causes of concern to Declaration Alliance supporters.
DA PAC is non-partisan, and has no affiliation with any political party.

Floyd Reports, 3434 Anthem Way, Suite 118-444, Anthem, AZ 85086

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