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Tea Party Patriots Action Alert

Dear Tea Party Patriots,

Sometimes the call to duty comes in the middle of the night. This is one of those times. And we apologize for the short notice, but you've spoken loud and clear, and demanded action.

Since sending the email asking you what you wanted to do about passage of the Cap and Trade bill approximately 3 hours ago, I have received thousands of responses. All are demanding action, and all are outraged that the House of Representatives passed the Cap and Trade bill, which will cost each family almost $2,000 per year in additional expenses through increased energy prices across all sectors. Patriots across the nation are telling us it's time to take to the streets. We are in full support of your clearly expressed opinion and are here to assist.

To paraphrase one gentleman in the East on a conference call tonight, we need to lean out of every window and scream that we're mad as hell and not going to take it anymore! And we need to scream until everyone is screaming with us.


Today you were scammed by the House of Representatives, and despite the fact that you shut down the phones of virtually every member of the House, and barraged them with millions of emails telling them this was against your will, they ignored you and voted for another bill which they haven't even read. The madness needs to stop and we need to stop the Senate from passing the bill.

Tomorrow, because you have demanded it...we take to the streets.

Take to the Streets to Protest the Cap and Trade Passage in the House

Date: June 27, 2009

Time: Noon until - as long as it takes.

Place: State Capitol; or Federal Building in your City, County or Parish


Please go to and list your event. Please try to coordinate with others you see posting events there. If there is already an event in your area, please plant to attend that event, and / or volunteer to help that organizer. This is about coordination, not competition. We need to send a message to the politicians.

Bring signs, bullhorns, and your usual good behavior. It's imperative that we shock the politicians and press by being there in large numbers, but we want to make sure that we maintain our reputation by not causing any damage or destruction.

We wrote and asked what you are willing to do about it...and you answered, by the said you wanted to take it to the streets. Now it's time for you to spread the message. The time is short, but we can make it happen.

We believe that the Senate will bring the Cap and Traitor bill to the floor on the sixth or seventh of July. We need to send a forceful message to the Senators that we will not tolerate passage of the ACES act in the Senate.

You are the patriot heroes of a true grass roots movement. We asked, and you told us loud and clear what you wanted to do. You told us it's time to light a grass fire and hit the streets tomorrow?

We apologize for the late notice. Your patriotism in standing up to your government is appreciated, and serves as a powerful testament to the founders of this great nation.


Mark Meckler, Amy Kremer and Jenny Beth Martin

Tea Party Patriots National Coordinator Team

Amy Kremer (; amykremer on gchat, 678.495.8271)
Jenny Beth Martin (; jennybethm on gchat, 404.326.0936)
Mark Meckler (, mark.grassroots on gchat)
Rob Neppell (

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Comment by SavantNoir on June 27, 2009 at 12:21pm
With careful consideration Obama has wisely chosen to not have ANY of his new horrendous legistaltion come into play until after the 2010 election. The Liberals will not be feeling the pinch as the noose tightens around our necks...and this strategy affords him time to insure there is no such thing as free-elections anymore, enabling his 1-party Czar Dynasty to take hold of our Government (and our lives)....TOTALLY.

If ever there was a time to act, it is now. If one has not yet put 2 and 2 together, now is the time to learn math. Phone, Faxes, and atke it to the streets! THe Tea Parties need sustainable drive behind them. Other groups I know are going to the local 'flea markets' at Fairgrounds and setting up booths. (can talk to a lot of people this way).

A War is raging, but the battlefield is "out there". We can garner information online...but we will never win the war until we enter the battlefield.
Comment by Lsnhawtsauce on June 27, 2009 at 12:09pm
Bill,,,I'd rather them be just a lobbyist than in there approving crap!
Comment by Mamacooks on June 27, 2009 at 12:08pm
These rogue Republicans have 5 days to change their votes... Melt their phones, fill their mailboxes.., tell your friends

Mary Bono Mack(CA)
Mike Castle(DW)
Mark Steven Eirk(IL)
Leonard Lance(NJ)
Frank LoBiondo(NJ)
John McHugh(NY)
Dave Reichert(WA)
Chris Smith(NJ)
Comment by Bill Barnes Jr on June 27, 2009 at 11:50am
If or when they are removed they become lobbyist for the special interests they supported.
Comment by Lsnhawtsauce on June 27, 2009 at 10:15am
We must stop this bill!!,,Who can pay double what their paying now for Electric,,gas etc??????,,I sure cannot afford it!!,,if there was ever a time people need to speak up it's NOW!!!,,GIVE'EM HELL!!,'PEACEFULLY' OF COURSE,,but make our message loud and clear!!!!,,we don't get millions lining our pockets like they do,,this won't bother then one bit!,,but we as the middle class will be bankrupt!,,and they couldn't CARELESS!!!,,Speak up PEOPLE!!,,IT MUST BE STOPPED NOW!!!!,,Let every single one of them know,,their JOBS ARE ON THE LINE ON THIS ONE FOR SURE!!,,THEY WORK FOR US!!and dammit,,it's gotta stop!!!!

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