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Tea Parties Give Liberal Media Too Much Power.

It is truly amazing how the scarlet “R” branded on one's forehead by the liberal mainstream media for alleged racism cause some conservatives to flee in fear.

We've seen these movies before produced by the liberal mainstream media, “White Conservatives Are Scumbag Racists” starring Trent Lott. Lott won the starring role and was
forced to resign as Senate Minority Leader for making a kind comment
about an old man at his retirement party.

George Allen got the nod to star in the sequel, “White Conservative Scumbags Two” for calling an Indian man “macaka”? The liberal mainstream media's latest installment
is titled,”White Racist Scumbags Three: This Time They're TEA
PARTIERS!” starring tea party spokesperson, Mark Williams.

How did Mark win the undesirable starring role? And why are some conservatives reacting to Mark as if he were leprous? On his blog, Mark posted his difficult to understand
satirical letter about NAACP hypocrisy. His letter was awkwardly
written. The liberal mainstream media failed to get Mark's point.
Mark's letter offered them a golden opportunity to discredit their
Nemesis, the Tea Party Movement. The liberal mainstream media
quickly fired up the branding iron and burned an “R” for racist
in the middle of Mark's forehead. Horrified, conservatives began
running away from Mark, the marked man. Suddenly, Mark
Williams was the devil!

While the liberal mainstream media is filling the screen with Mark Williams' face, the real big story is not about him. The real story is that the liberal mainstream
media, the NAACP and the Obama administration are shamelessly using
trumped up undocumented incidents of racism to “gin up” hate in
blacks against the tea parties. Progressive/socialist zealots realize
their democrats are facing a serious “butt kicking” in November.
They are banking on hate for tea partiers driving blacks, Hispanics
and ill-informed guilt ridden white voters to the polls. Totally
disgusting. Totally deviously divisive and evil.

As for Mark Williams being a racist, this is nonsense. I'm black. My wife and I have been friends with Mark and his lovely wife for years.

A year ago during dinner, Mark shared the humorous story of how his civil rights roots began as a child inspired by his mother. Mark said he and his dad were watching TV.
They were shocked to see Mark's mom on the news marching with black
civil rights activists. Upon her arrival home, Mark's dad told his
mom, “I don't mind you supporting them. But, did you have to
have your face plastered all over the so and so TV?”

Some conservatives can not accept the truth that the liberal mainstream media are “out to get us” and are going to trash us no matter what. These conservatives still
attempt to “please” the liberal mainstream media which gives them
far too much power. To appease them, Mark Williams, a decent man,
could be branded a “racist” for life because of one faux pas.

Some conservatives are saying, “In light of the NAACP racist resolution against the tea parties, we must denounce Mark Williams to prove we do not tolerate racism.” Of
course, we do not tolerate racism. But, Mark is not a racist! He
simply attempted to make a point which came out wrong.

Why are we tea party patriots/conservatives so easily pushed back on our heels defending ourselves? The liberal mainstream media and the NAACP are unrepentant
in their joint effort to defeat us. Meanwhile, the NAACP claims
to desire racial harmony and unity.

Now let me see, what NAACP are we talking about? Are we talking about the NAACP that lied about black democrats being called the “n” word fifteen times while walking
through a crowd of tea partiers? There is a hundred thousand dollar
reward for video proving the incident happened. That reward is yet to
be claimed.

Are we talking about the NAACP whose president Ben Jealous, slandered millions of decent hard working American tea party attendees when he lied about personally seeing
signs at tea parties which read, “Lynch Barack Obama” and “Lynch
Eric Holder”? Again, no proof has surfaced that the violent racist
signs exist. Still, the liberal mainstream media who are shamelessly
and boldly in the tank for Obama and socialism report Jealous' lie as

Or, are we talking about the NAACP who saw no problem with Shirley Sherrod referring to whites as “their kind” during her speech at a NAACP banquet. Imagine the media
firestorm had a white conservative publicly referred to blacks as
“their kind”.

Perhaps, we are talking about the NAACP who has yet, nor been pressured by the media, to denounce the New Black Panthers for talking about hating crackers (white people) and
killing more of them.

Is this the NAACP some conservatives are attempting to appease?

In American politics, the race card is the ultimate weapon of mass “personal” destruction. It will be irresponsibly and viciously played by evil Progressive zealots as
long as it is effective, causing decent people to quake in fear and
run for the tall grass.

November is quickly approaching. We must not be distracted or cower in fear whenever the left fires their “you're a racist” nuclear weapon. We must stay focused on our
crucial mission to Vote Them Out!

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

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