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Texas Governor's Race: Time For TEA Parties To Stand Up Or Just Go Away

The following is an excerpt from an Op/Ed in today's The Cypress Times.

The time is at hand for the TEA Party movement to stand in the breach or dissolve quietly into the murky depths of party politics.

The Texas Governor’s race is on fire even though the actual primary showdown is still over six months away. The high-profile inclusion of both Texas’ longest serving Governor, Rick Perry, and a three-term U.S. Senator, Kay Bailey Hutchison, have generated a great deal of excitement. Combine these two high-profile candidates with a climate of widespread voter discontent bordering on rebellion against all things political, and you’ve got quite a brew bubbling out there.

Texans are looking more and more to the so-called “alternative” candidates this time around. Debra Medina is a conservative candidate seeking the nomination as Governor; Larry Kilgore is seeking the nod based on a platform of secession. The topic of secession has certainly lit up the pages of The Cypress Times for the past few days and seems to be garnering more attention, if not outright support, than ever before.

Unfortunately, all the change in public sentiment and the outrage of “We the people” is not going to matter one iota. Read the entire article HERE

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Comment by Jimmy Hight on August 26, 2009 at 12:00pm
Keep one thing in mind when you look at Kay Bailey Hutchison. Where is the Birth Certificate and why hasn't she done her job. If you can't do your job as a Senator how can you protect Texas. Her views on abortion also leaves her on the outside looking in.

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