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Our next meeting as The Allegan County TEA Party will be this scheduled event.

Bradlee and Coach at the Jenison Center for the arts on June 11th at 6pm, Jenison Public Schools

DieselTec support.

Many of you have heard of Brian Klawiter from Diesel Tec. 

He is the business owner that took a stand for Christian American values. 
The LGBT crowd has gone after Brian and his business.

Bradlee Dean AND Coach Dave Daubenmire have both agreed to come out! 
All are welcome to attend.
If you want the truth about what is happening to the Klawiter Family and their friends as a result of standing up for Liberty, The Constitution, and The Word of God, you must not miss this event. 
Come find out how dangerously close we are to losing our Nation to thugs.
Bradlee Dean is a the host of a National Radio Platform and he travels all over the Country spreading the truth about Liberty and Christ. He has been publicly persecuted for speaking the truth. His Ministry reaches millions of people each week. Come meet him in person! If you don't know who he is, you can check him out at or

Coach Dave runs Pass the Salt Ministry and he too has been publicly persecuted for his faith. Come hear about his battle with the ACLU after he was attacked for leading his team in Prayer. You can check him out at

Steve, we finally have all of our ducks in a row. We will be having the event with Bradlee and Coach at the Jenison Center for the arts on June 11th at 6pm. If you have any questions let me know. I appreciate your efforts in spreading the word. You might find it interesting that Jenison Public Schools used their emergency broadcast system reserved for closings and emergencies to notify EVERY parent in the entire district that I will be having this event at the facility and that they in no way support us but are required to allow it by law. hmmm
Brian W. Klawiter
President / Diagnostician

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Comment by SGT William A. Geresy (ret) on June 1, 2015 at 10:57pm

I have met Bradlee and Coach Dave before at TEA Party meetings.  I have also met Brian, he is a very down to earth person.  So this will be interesting.

We have to stop the homofacists in their tracks.  This form of terrorism must be stopped.  Any group that uses violence, and the homofacists have here, is totally wrong.

After Brian made a simple statement about homosexuals.  The homofacists attacked his business.  The police won't go after the homofacists terrorists.  Not politically correct I guess.  The police here are to protect all regardless of their political correctness.

Homofacism is just about like the KGB, Gestapo, and jihadists.  If you don't think their correct way, they are out to get you.  This is America.  People are allowed to think any blessed way they want so long as it is peaceful.  

I hope this is a small step to stop this homofascism. 


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