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"...what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it

In the fall of 1999, I took Historiography and Historical Methods, which is essentially a writing for history class. This was a required class for getting a Bachelor's of Arts degree in History. We were required to write a paper on a topic of history of our choosing. I decided on the Korean War (won't go into all the details, but suffice it to say, I chose this because of how little I knew and in the process, I learned why I knew so little). One of my classmates gave me a more specific focus which was to write about Pork Chop Hill. He told me I would be able to find a lot of information about it (he forgot that I was a civilian and wouldn't know to look for information about Hill number... ).I searched for information online, but found mostly site about either the book (which is very good and I highly recommend so long as there are people around, you read in day light with lights on) or the movie. Because I found so little Online about Pork Chop Hill and to help me stay focused on my paper, I created The American Wars Web site. Its purpose was to provide information to researchers and to honor those who have served and who are serving in the United States Military. This is still the purpose. As the Web site has moved locations several times over the years, it is difficult to say for certain when it was first placed online. However, email messages I sent out in the fall of 1999 suggests that it may have been up and running as early as either September or October. Needless to say, this year will be the 10th birthday/anniversary of The American Wars.

Over the years, I have had several message boards up and running for The American Wars. These boards held a few different purposes including to provide a place for researchers, students, and history buffs to come together and discuss the wars in which America has fought and to provide a place where those in the military can connect with civilians (this last one has never happened thus far).

The American Wars conglomerate (as I like to call it), includes the following: a Web site, a facebook group, an online photo album, a YouTube channel, a twitter account, a Skype account, a social network, a Blog Talk Radio account, an email account, a blog, and a Library Thing account (I may have left something out). The dream is to one day create an archives and museum. Since I have worked as a volunteer for Pioneer Day at the Natchez Trace Visitor's Center in Tupelo, MS, I am considering the idea of having living history programs as part of this museum or to have the museum be a living history museum.

Overall, my goal is to educate students (young and old) and anyone else about the American wars. I want it to portray truth and not the fiction that so many are trying to show today. I want to show the horrors of the Holocaust just as much as the triumphs of the American Revolution.

One other thing I'd like to do is create not only documentaries, but also what if programs (as in video). I have an idea in mind for such a what if program which would (hopefully) show what would happen if we had limited or no military.

This is just a little of what I have in mind.

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