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"...what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it

Below is a link to their "dream", I call it nightmare, Constitution.

It is long, convoluted, and at times even contradictory.  It will promise one thing and take it away later.  I am not sure if they realize this, but they are setting up a state that like most fascist/communist states will try to use the military to conquer the world.  It is expansionistic in nature.  It will become what they try to blame us for being, imperialists.

Basically, it is a rewording of what the USSR tried and completely failed at.  It is what Venezuela is trying now and imploding because of.  In short, they believe they have found a way to hit their thumb with a hammer and have it not hurt!  

Our original Pilgrims tried this and it failed for them.  It almost wiped out the settlement.  

I firmly believe the best antidote to this stupidity is to expose it to the masses.  The bright light of freedom is the best defense.  

By contrast, our Constitution is beautiful in it's simplicity.  So please read, understand, and share their crappy failure.

William Geresy

Patriots Heart


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