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The Boston and Worcester Tea Parties

Yesterday was a great day at the Boston Tea Party that took place on the Boston Common across from the State House. I arrived in Boston with my assistant Dave at about 10:30 AM. There were about 75-100 people present at that time. Within an hour there were hundreds.

From 12 noon to 3:00 PM there were about 1500-2000 in attendance. The event was pretty well organzied with the exception of the sound system which consisted of megaphones, which led to very low audio if you were way in the back of the crowd.

The crowd was very well behaved and loud and vocal at the same time, with chants of "Dump Barney" echoing through the crowd as well as other chants about Turnpike tolls, Obama, etc..

A lot of credit should be given to Corie Whalen (pictured below in pink scarf), a college student, who with others help, organized this event.

Jay Are with Tea party Participant Who Wants to Send Obama A Message

Poor Elmo..My Grandaughter Would Have Been Devaststed If She Saw Him Here Like This

Then it was on to the Worcester Tea Party where I was very surprised to find between 1000 and 1500 in attendance and a very well organized presentation with a good sound system. Again a very well behaved but loud and vocal crowd interacting with the speakers at the event. All through the event from 4-6PM you could hear car horns honking approval of the Tea Party participants.

A Sea Of Attendees At The Worcester Tea party

Jay Are Looks Down At The Crowd Of Tea Party Attendees At Worcester Auditorium

Jay In Front Of One Of The Props At The Worcester Tea Party

More Photos of The Boston and Worcester Tea Parties @

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