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The Chalice Show:Added guests 1st hr Tim Harrington and Commander Walt Fitzpatrick 2nd hr Sam Sewell of the American Grand Jury and Mark McGrew, Sun 5/31 9pm-11pm Eastern

NOTE: Chalice has added to the guest list. .

Tonight’s packed show will begin with Commander Walt Fitzpatrick (Ret.) and Tim Harrington. Callers are invited to call in to discuss filing criminal complaints across the country. We will discuss the criminal complaint with specific examples of what to do! Call in 347-215-6929.

During the second hour, we welcome Sam Sewell and Mark McGrew. Sam Sewell is an ordained Christian clergyman, a member of Mensa, a U.S. Navy Veteran, and the National Spokesperson for Mark McGrew is a journalist who has extensively covered the Grand Jury movement.

Patriot’s Heart Broadcasting Network is a flame spreading the grassfire across our beloved nation.

with Chalice
9-11pm Eastern
CALL IN NUMBER: 347-215-6929

Patriot's Heart Broadcasting Network has been very busy behind the scenes preparing for two programs to launch this summer: The Patriot's Heart Journey and the Patriot's Heart Youth. We are combining the launching of that with a special Citizen Journalist Program. We will be discussing some of our plans for the future and fundraising for these important projects to take back our country...

It will also be the sixth in an extended show series dedicated to the subjects of the Eligibiilty Issue and the National Grand Jury. This week's guests will be Rev. Sam Sewell and Mark McGrew.

Rev Sewell is the National Spokesperson for American Grand Jury

He is an ordained Christian clergyman, a member of Mensa, a U.S. Navy Veteran, and a Member of the Association for Intelligence Officers. He is also a frequent commentator on religious and political issues. His articles are published by "Intellectual Conservative", "American Thinker" and various periodicals.

Rev. Sewell's award winning research on Family issues is published in several languages.
Further information on Rev. Sewell's research can be found at:

Mark McGrew is known around the cybersphere for the truthful articles he writes as well as his radio show. Mark hosts for Sentinel Radio on Thursday nights at 9pm and writes articles which have been published by Pravda, as well as numerous blogsites.

You can read some of Mark's articles at:

Join us for an exciting and informative show!

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