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The filthy mouth of Hillary Clinton

It is said that a measure of our character is how well we treat status inferiors – those whom we don’t have to treat well.

By that measure, the character of the woman who has ambitions to be America’s next president is sorely lacking.

FOTM’s joworth forwarded us an email written by a retired United States Marine Corps colonel, Ed Schriber. What Col. Schriber did was to comb through books written about Hillary Rodham Clinton, quoting verbatim from pages in those books on Hillary’s penchant to use obscene blasphemous language, and the utter contempt and disdain she has for those who work for her or more correctly, her husband – Arkansas State troopers, Secret Service agents, and members of the U.S. military.

Since I don’t have those books in my personal library, I went on to verify those quotes by using Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature. In every case where Amazon provides a “Look Inside” feature, I was able to confirm the quotes and take a screenshot of the relevant passage.

Below is Col. Schriber’s email (colored dark red), interspersed with my verification from

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Comment by Chalice on August 25, 2013 at 11:30am

Hillary is such a disgrace, and her rise to power has been on the Democrat agenda for years and I believe is the reason for the war on women... They want  to try to convince the low information voter that women in America are in trouble.  The women (as a class) that need help in America are the ones under the oppression of sharia law... which sadly many Democrats seek to spread across our Republic!

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