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Hi all...Been a while since I've been here.  PHN will always be with me.  Love you Sharon!

So much has happened since the days when we were trying to do our part.  I've come to gain some peace.  I only control a very few things and all of the others, I can't worry about them.  I still try to wake people up, but I still see a great deal of apathy and ignorance.  This Coronovirus might be a bio weapon or it could simply be one of those nasty Flu bugs that comes from humans interacting with wildlife.

The old economic system that existed prior to this pandemic is over.  We are heading for an economic system that will resemble that of 1930's Nazi Germany.  The Fed is buying up businesses and industries every day.  In Japan, the Bank of Japan owns over 80% of all Stocks and Bonds.  The difference is that Japan owes debts to it's people, who are savers.  Us, well more than 50% of all debt here is owned by foreign Investors.  

We should see many up and down days in the Stock Market over the next few months.  We'll see many small businesses shut completely.  We may see a great deal of rioting and looting in the Big Blue cities.  I believe that the Fed is going to switch us to a digital currency at some point.  We'll probably see the end of the Dollar as reserve currency.  The economy heading into late summer and in to the fall may begin it's greatest fall, ever.

The Bond collapse will be Epic!  The paper bullion contracts will be exposed as having no physical metals.  The Stock Market may lose 50, 60 or even 80% of it's price.  Trump is a big city Liberal deep inside.  I know this because my sister worked for him in Atlantic City and my dad built some of the Casino's.  He's just a man and it's not fair to put all of our concerns on him.  This goes way beyond a President.  Here is what I know: The Financial Elites want to extract out any remaining wealth among the Investor class.  They want it all and they will get it.

Then they want Control.  That Fed coin I talked about earlier, it will be traceable.  Cash will be banished or at the very least, it will be heavily taxed like a Carry Tax.  Products are shrinking much faster now.  At some point, they won't be able to hide the inflation anymore.  Here is what we're doing: We have long term storable food, water, supplies, Security and ample weapons.  We are going to stack silver.  Right now, the Ratio between Gold and Silver is about 110.  This means that you need 110 ounces of Silver to get 1 oz. of Gold.  The Constitutional price set in 1789 was 15.  I believe that once we get to the other side of the coming massive deflationary period, Silver will outperform Gold, by alot!

We intend on waiting for Silver to top and then turn it into Gold to preserve the gain.  I'm not an adviser.  I don't have a degree in economics.  You do what you think is best for you.  As your friend and fellow Patriot, I'm preparing for life after the almighty Dollar.  There will be defaults.  Massive defaults.  I find it kind of ironic that a man who is well know for defaults and bankruptcies is the President.  Think over that one.  The entire world economy is facing a severe Global Depression.  When we're well into this, people will be begging for 2008 and 1929.  This is what I see as the greatest threat over the next few years.

Now, let's talk about Covid-19.  Remember when Rahm Emmanuel said "Never let a crises go to waste"?  He and all of the others who run things go by the book.  In this case, Rules for Radicals, Cloward/Piven Strategy and Communist Manifesto.  It's Heglian Dialectic; Problem, Crises, Reaction, Solution.  The Ultra Elites have the Solution; they just need to create the Problem.  DARPA has swarms of tens of thousands of micro drones.  Maybe they could weaponize those things that look like harmless butterflies?  They can't come and take the guns by force, but maybe they could disable a portion of the population with some bio weapon.  How far fetched is this?  No more so than the Church Committee Hearings in the 1970's when they produced a pistol that fires a dart that causes a Heart Attack and the target would never feel it.

Question everything.  Do your own research.  Make your own conclusions.  Your life and the life of your family may well depend on it. 

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Comment by SGT William A. Geresy (ret) on April 16, 2020 at 1:41pm

I remember the 2008 election.  Senator McCain had just pulled ahead of Soetoro (AKA Obama) in the polls.  Then the economy crashed.  I have always felt the timing was fishy at best.  I have always thought the Dems somehow pulled the plug to hurt McCain.  McCain sure didn't help himself by his following actions.

Now to today.  President Trump was cruising to an easy election win.  Then the China Virus and the shutdown.  The ever growing data is that the China Virus though concerning was never the super virus terror it was at first made out to be. 

This is something to think about with both cases.  

We have to make certain the President Trump wins.

A President Biden would be a disaster.  We would always be wondering who or what was pulling his strings.  

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