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The Patriots Handbook to Everything!

The information is organized in such a way that it is factual (and immutable) and easy to glean with a cursory glance. But also, there is hours and hours of substantive depth and revelations if the basic skeleton is compelling enough to induce the reader to inquire further. Committed patriots should look at every link and read every article. "WE" are the one's that are here because of our commitment to save our it is incumbent upon us to be the experts so we can in turn lead others into opening their eyes! We cannot save this country by continuing to fail to recognize where the real problem lies and then being endlessly distracted by the comparative superfluous.

We need to be aware of what is driving ALL this policy so we can begin to cut the head off the snake. We need to make sure those candidates whom we think will change Washington in 2010 understand what is REALLY going on...otherwise what success could they possibly have?

This is why I did the handbook. Understanding Agenda 21; (and how the processes to circumvent treaty's and still engage in international law are really working); identifies entirely the problem--for Health Care, Cap and Trade, Codex Alimentarius, etc etc...they are all part of Agenda 21. Now we need to make EVERYONE aware so each has the 'big picture'. It is essential that our candidates are aware, otherwise there is nothing they can really do.

This is 'designed' and in a .pdf format so you can email readily to friends and families. The visual enhancement hopefully is a bit more engaging than just reading long strings of text only.

Without proper awareness of the problem, there is no hope for a solution---but first, we must gain public awareness. What I have done is put 'all the pieces' together, and then drove home how it will effect 'you'...even a Liberal! Not all Liberals are mindless Obama-Trons like on Daily Kos...this information should have some affect on more moderate and reasonable ones!

Help me spread this about.

Thank you!

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