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"...what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it

I read in a newspaper editorial recently that, “At least Obama has brought a new honesty and transparency to the Federal Budget shell game.” Wow, how on earth could anyone characterize anything this person has accomplished so far as honest or transparent? You only need to go back to January of this year when he said, “that there would be no earmarks in his administration” to find the first dishonest statement, or as we like to call it, a lie. His new budget will include right at 9,000 earmarks. Let’s see, it only took less than two months to uncover the first lie!

And how honest is it to trade one war for a worse war after constantly criticizing a sitting president for doing the right thing in Iraq. Do we need to be reminded that the “surge” was a success; a success that Obama still hasn’t admitted to at this date. And now he is taking us off to make Afghanistan bigger. Would someone tell the Messiah that Alexander the Great, The British Empire at its peak and the USSR could not subdue or civilize Afghanistan in any way? How honest is it to foist a bigger quagmire on this country as if leading us on some holy cause?

As a black member of the U.S. Military stated on a news talk show recently, “Obama was playing Checkers when the rest of the world was playing Chess!”

And how honest is it to take taxpayer money and give it to people that made poor choices and in some cases committed fraud on credit applications to obtain loans they could never repay. How honest was it to claim to be the agent of change but hire the same old Clinton people, tax cheats and lobbyist that had their feet squarely ensconced in the geneses of the subprime mess in the mid 90s? And further acquiesce in letting the people who caused the mess be part of the solution.

As for transparency, Timothy Geithner and a couple of his underlings (those he can find to work for him) have been asked many times just who is getting the bank bailout money and what are they doing with it. The answer has always been that they are not at liberty to discuss that with the American people at this time. Now that’s TRANSPARENT!

Recently the Messiah stated in a major speech that, “every 30 seconds someone in America filed for bankruptcy and that this was due to the lack of health-care” ; a staggering misstatement that only he could get away with unchallenged. This statement was such a blatant misrepresentation of fact extrapolated from a antiquated report from years before that is was totally laughable in every respect. TRANSPARENTLY DISHONEST!

Obama is a disaster for this country and has not a clue of how to turn our situation around. And in the guise of handling this disaster, he is going to take our freedoms and our capitalistic way of life away. Once we lose our freedoms, we will never get them back. Of course the people in this country who do not pay taxes now, and are totally unproductive will love where we are going. If we haven’t already, we are reaching the tipping point where non-taxpayers will outnumber tax payers.

There are more lies that we haven’t had time to uncover, but we will. No…. the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, NBC, CBS, ABC or CNN will not report them even if discovered; but they will be discovered and they will be reported. Those of us that were playing Chess when the Messiah was playing Checkers will see to it.

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